Appearing before Her Honour Justice in Courtroom 102 this morning Friday March 15,2019 is a 37 year old mother.

The mother is represented by Defence Attorney Heather Salter.

The defendant is a tall women, approximately 5’10” and approximately 200+ lbs. She’s wearing blue jeans and purple hoodie.


The defendant pleads guilty to failing to provide necessities of life.


The charge of abandoning a child is withdrawn by the Crown.


A presentence report with Gladue components is ordered. The criminal mother will be sentenced on May 16,2019.

She remains out of custody for now.

As per usual practice, there is no local taxpayer subsidized media present.


Thunder Bay Police Service officers responded to a call concerning a abandoned 4 month baby in the grass of 75 Academy Drive area on July 2, 2018.

While waiting for police to arrive, a nearby resident was able to provide assistance to the 4 month old. The infant was transported to hospital for medical attention.

A Section 486.4 (2) publication ban is in place. Any information that can identify the victim is not allowed to be publicized


As usual, no local taxpayer subsidized media is reporting this.


(Baby picture below is for illustrative purposes. Not actual baby)


12 Replies to “Academy Abandoned Baby Court Case”

  1. If you don’t have your shit together by 37, enjoy what’s left of your pathetic life. Children are a blessing, sorry if the baby was cramping your successful and productive lifestyle

    1. Empathy for who? I have all the empathy for the poor child that was abandoned by the one person who should always be there for the child. There are places where someone can respectfully seek help if they are unable to deal with a baby. A normal person takes more care to surrender an unwanted animal, let alone a defenceless baby.

      In other words, save your tears for someone else “Marge” because if you don’t see anything wrong with this, you’re closer to the problem than solution.

    2. Marge:

      “Show some compassion” like the mother did with that totally vulnerable baby?

      Some people are simply unfit to take care of a dog never mind a child. Believe it or not, far too many of these single mothers pump out kids simply to increase their welfare checks, or as they’re often referred to “pecker checks”, to buy booze, drugs and cell phone plans.

      What this woman did was likely the result of alcohol and/or drug abuse, from substances likely purchased with her welfare check. What she did is unconscionable. Save your compassion for those that truly deserve it.

  2. I think it is disgusting and a failure of the justice system that the charge of child abandonment was dropped. This is obvious to everyone that this is what she did. Was it dropped because of race ? Now with the stupid Gladue report I will bet there is little or no jail time. Your past does not make you dump a baby in a park. This is getting sickening. Let’s wake up and stop this “ my parent’s life made me do this crap. “. We all know the difference between right and wrong.

  3. I do not know what the mother was thinking when she abandoned this beautiful babe outside in the grass hoping someone would find it. Either she was strung out on drugs or alcohol or not in her right frame of mind but this was not the answer to not wanting her baby. I am sure she could have gone to the authorities and given the baby up to them or left him/her with a neighbour. But to make such a dangerous decision she could not have been in her right state of mind. Some mothers are not meant to be moms and try as they may they soon find out that they cannot do it. She put that baby in a very dangerous spot where if no one had found the baby it could have died. She probably loves the baby but just found it to hard to look after. I wish the baby the best for a good future hope that he/she is put into a good home and has a fantastic upbringing as for the mom I wish her good luck on her future and hopefully she will not have anymore babies.

  4. Sad sad indeed..
    Gladue or not,
    The baby is caught,
    Up in the depredations of the mother,
    And the innocent suffer….

  5. Who knows maybe she had post partum and had nobody to help her. Maybe she had mental problems. Better she left that baby for someone to find then smother and kill the poor baby. I’ve watched and heard of worse from mothers who suffer mental illnesses. Its a sad situation for both. Men can think and say any dumb comment without having given the situation a deep thinking sesh.

  6. Not everything posted on the internet …is true… Or incincluded, in this case ,not everything includes reasons for why this mothers name is left disclosed,as well as why her case is being “withdrawn”….
    She was a victim of a very serious abusive “relationship” and was thrown off a balcony by the same person who would have harmed the infant , had the mother not done what she did ……. You shouldn’t be so quick to throw negative feedback when this site is providing the community with news and awareness … Not for hatefull bullying comments towards others.. #whatwouldyoudo .. Some victims don’t always have a voice .

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