(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A very serious situation unfolded in the cities north side in August.



The Thunder Bay Police Service as well as all other local and national media have seemingly failed to report on this extremely disturbing case.


A woman, who will not be named(we will call her Brittney for the sake of telling the story) went to a local soup van to acquire sustenance on August 7th, 2018.

Britany was abducted and raped numerous times in numerous fashion. Furthermore, her rapists were paying customers, paying Osmar that is.


The woman was also forced to consume an unknown drug in a needle as well as what is believed to be crack cocaine hoots from a drug consumption pipe.

52-year-old Christopher Osmar ended up at the same soup van for the sustenance reasons.

Brittany was arguing with her boyfriend and had left his residence. Osmar is said to have started grooming the woman, and consoling her about her relationship issues.

The woman asked to use Osmars phone, in which he granted her request. Brittany requested Osmar to hold her drink while she was on the phone.

Shortly after, her drink was returned to her and she had consumed some, she became nauseous, confused and ultimately lost consciousness.

When the woman had woken up, she was in the middle of being raped by Christopher Osmar. He was on top of her, forcing her to be penetrated by his penis.

Brittany says that Osmar used a condom but had pulled off the condom, began stroking his penis and ejaculated onto her stomach.

At this point she was lying in his bed, Osmar got up, left the bedroom to smoke crack, and left the victim under the close watch of  his Rottweiler dog.

Brittany then overheard two men talking about drugs and money, possibly engaging in a drug deal.

On another occasion, Osmar removed his own clothing and the victim’s clothing, then began to rape her in the vagina without a condom on his penis. He ejaculated into her vagina.


After that, Osmar forcefully injected an unknown drug into the woman’s body again via a likely dirty needle.


Shortly after, Osmar again forcibly injected the woman with more unknown drugs via a needle and made her smoke more crack cocaine.

Brittany had fallen asleep a while later, and upon waking up she became aware she was raped again as her vagina was very moist and sticky. Her anus was also in pain and burning.

The victim noticed that there was yet another needle injection mark on a vein located on her left her arm.


Brittany began crying at this point when a black male had instructed Osmar to “go shut her up”.

Osmar walked into the room and whipped his penis out, forcing the woman to suck his penis.

Crack cocaine was forced upon Brittany again and at this point she was given a cigarette.

She was forced to give blowjobs numerous times to numerous people. During one of the forced oral sex situations, the woman began feeling ill about what was happening and ended up throwing up and passing out.

Upon waking up, she realized Osmar was beside her, as he grabbed her hair on the back of her head and forced her head to face his genitals.

Osmar then forced his penis into her mouth and said:: “You know I only love you, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.”. He then begins to instruct her with how he likes his balls touched.

”I can’t” she responds. Osmar responds by continuing to hold her hair and jacks off, ejaculating onto her face.

Later on an unifentifed black male enters the room where Brittany is being held against her will and sits beside her.

She was forced to smoke more crack cocaine, and she states that she felt as if she was floating and numb all over.

That is when the black male took his pants off and her clothes off. She was yet again forced to perform oral sex.

Brittany indicates that she had to perform oral sex on Osmar and his friends to keep them happy, and felt as tho Osmar “owned her” and that “I am his property”.

She was forced to have sex more than 4 times while she was conscious and oral sex at least 8 times.

The victim states she woke up feeling sore, wet, sticky in her vagina and anus along with burning and pain.

Brittany was told numerous times that she was not allowed to leave the residence and was confined to Osmar’s bedroom, unless she needed to goto the bathroom.

Osmar’s Secord Street apartment has no electricity or telephone that could have been utilized to escape.

After raping the woman another time the victim breaks down crying hysterically, Osmar told the woman “F***ING CLEAN YOURSELF UP YOU DIRTY HOE”.

Brittany was terrified even more so after she had overheard a group of black Toronto gang members discussing when they will bring her to Toronto as “she would do so good there” and “She would be easy to train”.

The victim then noticed a handgun in one of the gang members possession during her captivity.

There was always a few men in the apartment that were ordered to watch Brittany, as to prevent any chance of her escape.

Brittany managed to escape the residence on August 13th, 2018 after the lone male responsible for keeping her from escaping had fallen asleep. She makes a run for it.

She went to the nearest telephone and dialed 911 to get rescued.

Sources indicate that Osmar was a tenant at a Tupper Street home during the “gang-related abduction” as Chief of Police Levesque labelled it at the time.

The Tupper Street abduction was a 17-year-old male who had his mouth covered with a cloth drenched in chloroform and after becoming unconscious, was stuffed into a hockey bag and transported to a Simpson Street residence.

After multiple days of being beaten, the kid was located by the Thunder Bay Police Service when known southern Ontario gang members were attempting to transport the youth to a presumably new location to continue his forced captivity.

The Tupper Street home was raided by police shortly after the abduction report was made. After a search of the well known southern Ontario gangs trap house, police had charged Osmar and the home owner with non-abduction related charges.

Once the male was recovered and gang members were arrested and held in captivity, they managed to beat the matter in court as all witnesses were too terrified to testify.

This abduction was noted as a gang related abduction by not only Chief JP Levesque, but also our beloved director of communications, Chris Adams.

The victim is not known to Osmar or his friends.

During her captivity, she was barely fed, often with just small table scraps and Brittany aid she recalls someone saying  “don’t give her too much or she will gain her strength back”.

The woman needed surgery to repair the damage she sustained from being forcibly penetrated by an unfathomly high number of males that raped her.

This incident occurred at 49 Secord Street.

Below is a Thunder Bay Police Service Media release dated October 2, 2018, nearly two months after this incident occurred.

How can one of the city’s top cops say this? Was he forced into this clearly erroneous video release?

Appearing in courtroom 103 on October 24th, 2018 is 52-year-old Christopher Osmar.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio is presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick Silvestro and defence lawyer Aranka Golphy.

Osmar has a mushroom cut style haircut, stands about 6’0” tall, weighing around 200 pounds and is wearing a really ugly sweater.

His face looks cratered and pimpled, consistent with heavy drug abuse.

Osmar is facing the following criminal charges stemming from an incident that happened from August 7th, 2018 until August 13th, 2018.

  • Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Forcible Confinement
  • Admsinister a Noxious Thing

This is a heavily contested bail hearing, in which Christopher Osmar is attempting to get released until his matter is complete before the courts.

The Crown reads in the allegations and Osmar is smirking, frowning, and attempts to look as if he was in disbelief.

Osmar has over 50 entries on his criminal record, including the following:

  • Failure to appear in court (numerous convictions)
  • Drug possession
  • Unlawfully in a home
  • Assault (numerous)
  • Mischief (numerous)
  • Causing a disturbance
  • Breaching bail conditions (numerous)
  • Assault causing bodily barm (numerous)
  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual assault

Osmar was adopted as a child, and his adoptive sister was in court today to attempt to be his surety.

She tells the court that she is not willing to allow Osmar to live with her, and that she is willing to “check in” on him a few times a week to ensure his compliance with his possible bail conditions.

Crown Attorney Silvestro points out that this plan would be an insufficient bail plan.

Osmars sister, Cynthia, tells the court that she will not allow Osmar into her home, as he had lived with her previously and took her husbands vehicle without consent.

Defence lawyer Golphy attempts to push the idea that Osmar is a “vulnerable person” as during his previous tenancy in jail, he got beat up, resulting in a head injury as well as having his jaw broken in 3 places.

Golphy attempts to explain that Osmar has worked consistently in his life.  Furthermore that Osmar has been attempting to reconnect with his culture since he has been arrested by participating in a indigenous traditional “smudge”.


The Crown fights hard to keep Osmar behind bars, and states that he has concerns on all three grounds for detention.

Thr primary grounds indicate the Crown doesn’t believe Osmar will appear for court. The secondary grounds tells us that the Crown believes Osmar is likely to reoffend and/or become a public safety issue. The tertiary grounds means that if Osmar were to be released, that the public would lose confidence in the administration of justice.

Osmar’s sister Cynthia is cross examined, and doesn’t seem enthusiastic about becoming Osmar’s surety.

Court takes a short recess so that Justice of the Peace Donio could go over the Crown’s and defence’s submissions, and hopefully make a decision.

After Justice of the Peace Donio returns, he informs the court that he will be reserving judgment until Wednesday October  24th, 2018 to properly assess the case.

Osmar is ordered to stay in custody pending the reserved decision due today.

Osmar is escorted back into the courthouse jail cells, where he waits to be transported back to the Thunder Bay District Jail.


If anyone has photos of Christopher Osmar, please email them immediately to contactus@trcctb.com

With this information now public about what Osmar has allegedly done, how could Detective Inspectior Ryan Hughes have made this video media release on October 2, 2018.🤔




    1. completely agree, vigilate justice is needed, obviously the police cant handle these otu of town gangs (i apreciate them trying) but they just cannot handle it within the restraints of the law, these low lifes need to be exterminated like the cockroaches they are… i swear to god if this type of shit ever happens to one of my loved ones i will be going on a hunting spree and ridding this world of all involved!!!!……..

  1. I wish they would try and abduct me. I’m seriously packing and ready. Maybe I’ll start walking the streets in the evenings near Simpson.

    1. If you’re “packing”, you are just another problem. What happened to the old days where fists were the weapons of choice? If you need a gun and need to “pack”, you are just another “tough guy” that needs to be taken out by the law. You are no better than the offender.

    2. Hey Baby Bubba. I can assure, I’m not part of the problem. But, like many other concerned citizens of this great city, I’m getting PISSED at the fact these “Tools” are reeking havoc on innocent people. In saying that, I support the Police 100% but I know their hands are tied when it comes to dealing with these idiots. So, if you think I’m part of the problem, so be it. It doesn’t change the way I feel or think.
      You just keep giving your can of food to the soup kitchen once a year at Christmas and tell yourself you’re making a difference in changing the world. I think people like you are only making it worse.

      Cheers, I’m off to get another Beer.

    3. When Bubba commented he was “packing” surely he meant he was packing his suitcase just in case his wish for abduction is granted. Bubba, I would only take an overnite bag and pack lightly. Extra undies might come in handy as well.

    4. Pino, Tructb means;

      cuck from
      Thunder Bay

      Mmkay – tough guy. I’ll pack a small over night bag. Maybe I’ll stop by your Mom’s first. Just to say hello – again.

    1. Good guess Bubba! C**k would have made more sense than “cuck” Really good try though. Feel free to retry! Also, Bubba…you may visit my mother as she now resides in Saint Andrew’s cemetery and I do believe it is open to the general public and as her daughter, I give you first-hand permission. Say hello for me and tell her she is dearly missed. Thanks much

  2. Pino I love that you are doing this “TRCCTB” you do the best in telling the truth and keeping your readers I the loop. As far as this Osmar scum and his Toronto friends someone will find them in the Mackenzie River

  3. Shouldn’t even think about getting him out. Who cares if he gets the beats in jail. Karmas a bitch mother fu—-er

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