Abandoned Toddler, Alone, Lurks Simpson Street, Rescued


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Our news line blew up today with numerous calls and messages about a toddler that was alone and lurking around the Simpson Street area near the East End tunnel entrance.

Witnesses in the area tell us that a couple of REAL Concerned Citizens stopped traffic and removed the small caucasian child from the street, as the toddler was wandering into traffic.


A woman and her significant other watched the child and called 911. The little boy sat and watched videos on the woman’s phone with her 2-year-old son while they waited for police. It took about 25 minutes for police to arrive on location.The toddler was terrified and crying horror.

Once police arrived and started to take the couple’s statement, a woman appeared and claimed to be the boys mother. The toddler had no shoes, no socks, no pants, just a diaper and a shirt. The lost toddler was very dirty, presumably from being outside. Numerous cars drove by the toddler but only 1 red Dodge pickup truck stopped to help.

The mother claimed she was getting pizza and that her boyfriend had the boy. Just as she was stating that, the boyfriend of this woman appeared. Police are continuing their investigation. We are not certain if the child was apprehended but we are certain that child protective services are now involved.


This is a developing story, and we will update you as more facts become available.

If you have any information or photos to add to this article, please text or call us at 807-355-8917 or email us at tips@trcctb.com


9 Replies to “Abandoned Toddler, Alone, Lurks Simpson Street, Rescued”

  1. Thanks for the couple! This should of not happen no excuses. Thank god nothing bad happen the little toddler.

  2. This happened a few years ago to me. I noticed a toddler walking along the sidewalk in front of wiggkes and giggles in the snow with no shoes or jacket. I took the child inside the building and asked if anyone as missing a child. Eventually the father noticed me standing with her. Apparently someone had opened the back door and she had somehow walked around the building to the front. No one even knew she was missing.

  3. What the hell kind of people take a kid put of the house in a t-shirt and a diaper and NOTHING else? A junkie would pull that stunt and that’s about it! Also did anyone come back with this alleged pizza? I’m going to say NO right off the hop! I can bet my life this “mother” left the kid with the boyfriend while she went to “score” and the boyfriend got tired of waiting and went into the house too and got high and the two morons either passed out or lost track of time. Ever sad! I hope that the mother loses her rights to that child because what she did was child abandonment and child endangerment. I bet if that kid does go into Crown Ward she will only be crying because the whore will lose the child tax credit, and to a junkie money is EVERYTHING! I can also bet that is she does lose that kid she will be popping out another because let’s face it, the majority of these people ONLY have kids to get the tax credit! Wow this makes me angry!

  4. charge the stupid bastards!! Don’t even TRY to defend these morons, read the kids description…child neglect!

  5. I personally watched this woman allow her little one run up the street in a diaper and allow him to run across the street to their house. Unattended claiming its ok. His old man is on the other side. Apparently she cared more about the new puppy in her hand then her sons welfare.

  6. These losers aren’t fit to raise bedbugs let alone kids.

    Take the child away if society want’s it to have half a chance at a decent life.

  7. i agree she needs to lose that child and be sent to parenting classes and everything else like drug testing etc before she can even see that baby. Its a sad case since there are no more crown wardships today just customary care .,which i think is so wrong. these little childern never asked to be brought into this world ,but here they are stuck with horrible parents my heart goes out for all these babies. as for the so called mother ,how stupid can you frikin be to let a toddler run off ,and if that is a boyfriend with you i bet your on ontario works and shacked up with a druggie you do not deserve to have this child..

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