(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Information has come across our news desk about an alleged abandoned baby that was discovered early this morning near Trillium Way in the Academy area.

Our source was woken up by Thunder Bay Police Service officers knocking on their door around 8:00 am. Upon answering the door, they learned that a baby was found lying in the grass nearby, and the police officers were attempting to locate the parents of the child.


The baby was estimated at around 6 months old(later confirmed to be 4 months old) and was sent to the hospital to have a medical examination. Following the examination, our source said the baby will be handed over to child care services.

“Just pure craziness abandoning your child” – says our anonymous informant.

***UPDATE: 10:15 pm July 2/2018: Two other people have come forward under the guarantee of anonymity, and have told TRCCTB.COM in an interview that the baby was lying in the grass outside of 75 Academy Drive, which has a unit that is known for drug trafficking.


***UPDATE: 10:33 pm: Information has come across our desk, that the units this baby was found in front of, are not drug use related units, and are good people.

If you have any information regarding who the parents of this baby are, please contact Thunder Bay Police Service at 807-684-1200

Pro Tip: If you don’t want your baby, give them up for adoption, or drop them off at a fire station or the hospital. Don’t leave them out in the elements to fend for them self.




  1. this angers me beyond belief, the parents of this child should be located and forced to be fixxed, they dont deserve the right to reproduce, people that do this stuff deserve the cruellest punishment possible…..

  2. This is just so sad! So many wonderful parents out there want children!
    If you don’t want your baby, give it up for adoption, such an incredible gift.

  3. This is why Thunder Bay should have one of those safe sites for parents to drop their babies off to, anonymously, like many other countries.

  4. the reason they have a baby in the first place is to go on system with intent to obtain money from the governmetn social services and ccb alone for one child is 700 per month, in order to keep receiving this money they have to keep there baby, so giving the baby up is not something they can do. Stands to reason how this happened on welfare weekend.

  5. Life lesson..
    Humanity is being lost to too many ppl, when someone like that broad in Floria that killed her baby so she can party u know the world has gone nuts.

  6. Omg this is unbelievable. Makes me sad that this babys parent/parents would even consider doing this, ppl are right they dont deserve to be parents at all. Soo glad the baby was found and is being taken care of from good people though.
    Hope the parents get caught and get p*****d out from other people. They deserve a good b*****g. So sad so soooo sad

  7. People like this should be locked up it makes my heart break when I see this …..I’m trying to get pregnant and having a hard time …..I would take this little one anytime and make sure it has a great home and parents that would love them ?

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