A Womans Legs Got Run Over, Police Make Arrest


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On July 9th, 2019, a local woman had her legs run over by a male in his vehicle. The woman was taken to the hospital and received medical attention for her injuries.
Appearing in a Thunder Bay bail court this morning is 32-year-old Derek Amadeo. Justice of the Peace Denette Ellard, Crown Attorney VanKessel and duty counsel are overhearing the matter.
Amadeo is facing the following criminal charges after it is alleged he fled the scene:

  • Operate a conveyance that was involved in a collision that caused bodily harm.
  • Operate a conveyance in a dangerous manner that caused bodily harm.

Amadeo is granted release today on a $1000 no deposit recognizance, on the following conditions:

  • No contact with his alleged victim and two other people.
  • Not to occupy the drivers seat of any vehicle.
  • Not to consume alcohol or any substances banned under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Amadeo is ordered to return to court on August 20th to begin answering to the charges.


7 Replies to “A Womans Legs Got Run Over, Police Make Arrest”

  1. Should try exercising his brain for a while. Seems it’s his weak point. Loser……
    Hope the victim recovers well.

  2. Dereks a good guy. He just fucked up. Addiction is a mother fucker. He was 3 months clean up until this.

    1. I agree with you pen15_martyr Derek usually has the best intentions. I could only imagine how hard things have been after his brother passed. Get better Derek. I am still going think this was a really stupid incident you got involved with, and call you a roid-rage fool though.

    2. Apparently He got in a fight with his girlfriend and ran over her friend when they tried to stop him from driving…..

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