A Thunder Bay human trafficker has been found guilty and sentenced.


Another case that TBPS Officers worked on and the Director of Communications at TBPS failed to tell the public about. The Director of Laziness doesn’t like to do much work.

Appearing handcuffed in Courtroom 103 today is 41 year old MICHELLE CHALLIS.


Her Honour Justice Chantal Brochu is presiding. Crown Attorney Rob Kozak is present along with defence attorney John De Bakker.

CHALLIS enters the prisoner’s box wearing a gray hoodie, black yoga type pants and Velcro style running shoes. She’s of average height and heavier than average. She seems to have gained a significant amount of weight during her stay at the Correctional Center. CHALLIS is wearing an excessive amount of makeup. Her face appears to be heavily pock marked covered in makeup. Her hair has brown roots about 6-8” long. The rest of the length is a blonde colour.

CHALLIS has plead guilty to human trafficking. All other charges are withdrawn by the Crown. The mandatory minimum sentence for human trafficking is 4 years in prison. There is a joint submission for the 4 year minimum.

Between April 1,2017 and June 30,2017 MICHELLE CHALLIS was advertising the victim for sex services and controlling which sex services the victim would perform.

She controlled where the victim went. She controlled where the victim (a crack addict) would get her drugs. She even took the identification of the victim.

CHALLIS was born in Barrie, Ontario and raised in Orangeville. She was raised practicing the Jewish faith. She is a mother of 2 and has been a prostitute for over 20 years. Started drinking alcohol at age 15, using pot at 16 and cocaine at 30 years. She moved to Thunder Bay a few years ago and began a crack cocaine habit upon arrival.


CHALLIS wants to use her time being incarcerated to become a better person.

She entered the business enterprise with the victim and originally it was for mutual benefit. However, it turned criminal.

The exploitation and advertising of the victim for sexual purposes is a crime that requires a sentence of denunciation and deterrence.

Justice Brochu accepts the joint submission of 4 years in the penitentiary. CHALLIS has been in custody since March 10,2018. She has served 314 days of actual custody which is being enhanced to 471 days pre-sentence credit. That leaves a total 989 days to go or 2 years 8 months and 19 days.

With statutory release of 2/3, CHALLIS will be released from the penitentiary in about 16 months.

Justice Brochu orders her to submit her DNA as well as to have no contact with her victim. A weapons prohibition of 10 years is ordered and MICHELLE CHALLIS will be on the Sex Offender Registry for 20 years.

CHALLIS has nothing to say to the court when offered to speak. She’s lead out of the courtroom to head back to the Correctional Center. It will be a few days before she’s transferred to the penitentiary in Edmonton.

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