(9 PHOTOS) “F*%K OFF” Written on Goose Neck


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A REAL Concerned Citizen has reported to ya about a goose they have spotted numerous times. There is something different about this goose tho.
Cassie Jones tells us that she noticed the material on a gooses neck with the writing “F*#K OFF”, but not censored.

“This goose has something stuck on its neck for weeks (as far as I noticed) and can’t receive much help for it. Unsure if it is injuring it, but looks like its eating and surviving fine. “ Jones stated.

Jones continued “I am worried because this is something that is totally unnecessary. Sure, this poor goose may have managed to live through this. But this was done by a rude or non thinking person, who may have killed an animal for a gag or intentionally.”

Abusing animals is an offence punishable by law. Anyone caught abusing animals, including geese, can be subject to serious fines and possibly jail time.
If you see someone abusing an animal, contact police immediately.
Photo credit Cassie Jones


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