4 PHOTOS: Friday Night South Side Mayhem


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Overnight last night, the south side of town experienced quite an interesting spectacle.

It appears that at least one vehicle was involved in a crash that left a white car upon the sidewalk near the Knights of Columbus building. The building sustained some damage.


Across the street, Robin’s Donuts either renovated their drive-thru, possibly using Richard Belbas, a known fraudster, as their contractor or possibly the same vehicle smashed through the barricades at the Drive-Thru.

A number of Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) officers were on scene handling the situation which unfolded at the intersection of May Street and Arthur Street.

At this point we have not been able to confirm if this was a medical episode, impaired driving, police chase etc.


We will follow up with further information once it becomes available.


3 Replies to “4 PHOTOS: Friday Night South Side Mayhem”

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  2. looks like they were drinking Robins coffee,burnt their tongue ,then hit the gasto get spegetti at the Knights of Columbus hall…perfect reason for this mishap…

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