2 VIDEOS – Snowfall Hits Thunder Bay


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Thunder Bay is getting hit with a light snowfall at the moment. We decided to get some footage of what a couple roads look like during this weather event.

Overnight tonight we are expected to get, at most, three centimeters of snow and at least one centimeter. Tomorrow, on Saturday, we can expect about another one to three centimeters of the fluffy white stuff.


Sunday the weather man is calling for maybe one centimeter. Temperatures this weekend wont sink below -13 celcius, which is expected overnight sunday. Daytime temperatures will range between -1C and -8C.

Visibility at the moment is reduced to about 3.6 kilometers and wind gusts are going to pick up tomorrow and into sunday, reaching highs of 35 kilometers.

Below is a video of a portion of Golf Links Road between Oliver and John Street.


Below is a video of Valley Street from the Thunder Bay Expressway and into Strand Ave.

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One Reply to “2 VIDEOS – Snowfall Hits Thunder Bay”

  1. “If you think I should just stop publishing and close down the website, let me know”

    Absolutely not!

    You provide a valuable source of information to tens of thousands of people who regularly follow this web site. The only people who would want to shut you down are those who want to keep the public in the dark.

    There is no such thing as public transparency in Thunder Bay. Not from our police department nor from our mayor and city council. And mainstream media is a joke. They’re nothing more than puppets of the regime. They only publish what the establishment wants them to and suppress any comments that do not meet the parameters of their “overlords”.

    Any news source that stirs the ire of authorities is obviously doing something right.

    Keep the site alive and well and keep up the good work Pino!

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