Police Presence: Hampton


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Numerous people have been asking what the police and ambulance presence was at the Hampton on Arthur street last night around 9:00 pm.

On Wednesday evening multiple citizens reported that the intersection of Highway 61 and Arthur street had police blocking traffic, and only allowing small bursts of vehicles through at a time.

Shortly after an ambulance whipped through and headed for the hospital with a police escort.

The Thunder Bay Police Service had a cruiser parked outside of the hotel on Thursday evening. Some area residents say they have seen police there since the incident and were wondering what happened.

We made a call to the Hampton and asked them what had happened on Wednesday evening, the response was “Someone needed to go to the hospital”.

The response to why the police were still parked outside today was “We have police that have a room here”. The person on the phone did not seem to want to say much.

This second response seems to raise more questions than it answered. Why would a marked Thunder Bay Police Service vehicle be at the Hampton(pictured)? Why would a local police officer have a room at a hotel? Why does it seem they were only there after the incident on Wednesday?

Police often hold the scene of a suspicious death for days after. We have not seen forensics on location.

Do they really have a room? Is it possible that they are “holding” a room, due to an investigation? Anyone with insider info is asked to email tips@trcctb.com

Ambulance Photo Credit: Kendra S