14-Year-Old Has Ass Grabbed At Mall



A 24 year old man from Pikangikum was arrested by Thunder Bay Police yesterday, Saturday March 30,2019 at Intercity Mall in Thunder Bay.


Police were called to the mall around 6pm after a young 14 year old female exited the public washrooms and walked past 2 intoxicated men.

It’s alleged that 24 year old JEREMIAH GRAY-PETERS from Pikangikum grabbed the young teenager’s buttocks.

Sources at Intercity Mall tell Inside Edition that the incident was captured on video surveillance and the Aunt of the young teen approached the intoxicated GRAY-PETERS to voice her displeasure with his actions towards her niece. The young indigenous teen is visiting the city from a northern community.


JEREMIAH GRAY-PETERS is charged with sexual assault using his hand on a girl under 16 years of age.

GRAY-PETERS was released on an undertaking this morning with conditions to stay away from Intercity Mall and the young female teenager. He’s further ordered not to consume alcohol.

Sources indicate that he is staying at Wequedong Lodge while in Thunder Bay. He is scheduled for a court appearance on Tuesday April 2,2019.

Big thanks to all sources for this story.


6 Replies to “14-Year-Old Has Ass Grabbed At Mall”

  1. These assholes come from the Northern Reserves and feel they can get drunk and do whatever they want. Need a fence to keep these pigs where they belong and this is not racist in the least. This is one of the main reason Tbay is the way it is now. Let’s call a spade a spade and lay blame where it belongs.

    1. The majority of blame goes to the Mayor and councils , past and present . Hard to believe there’s not a peep from them out of Council Chambers ! !

    2. So you’re blaming all the racist things that happens on the aboriginals that come to the city?

  2. Yea that’s exactly what he and I and 80% of this city is saying , I just did my time in the district jail and finished my sentence off at the correctional Centre ( farm) and both are seriously overcrowded 90% aboriginal from across two provinces and blacks from southern Ont so you tell me, what’s the problem look like to you? By the way I’m aboriginal and not to proud to say my people need help in all areas addictions , mental and social, I wish NANwould lobby for the ownership or use of LPH and bring in needed help for our people.

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