$1000 Fine for man after two adults die in incident.



MATTHEW JONES, who was 19 years old at the time of collision was fined the maximum 1000$ today, Friday January 11,2019 for failing to yield by His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio.


JONES did not appear in POA Court in Victoriaville, but his paralegal was present. MATTHEW JONES plead guilty in December to failing to yield in a collision which killed two Thunder Bay residents, a man and a woman, who were killed the evening of Friday August 11,2017 when their motorcycle came into collision with a pickup truck on West Arthur Street.

The motorcycle driver, Mario Jacob, 49, and his passenger, Renata Misztal, 52, died at the scene.

The crash involved the motorcycle, westbound on Arthur Street, and the truck which was “travelling through the intersection” at Highway 130, the Twin City Crossroad.


Police closed Arthur Street during the investigation and re-opened it the following morning.

Crown Attorney Derrick Silvestro reminded the court that sentencing was based on the conduct, not the end result.
The paralegal representing MATTHEW JONES read a letter from JONES to the court.

It states how drastically his life had changed that day. He has sleepless nights and has been attending counselling. He hopes for forgiveness from the victim’s families and hopes they can find peace. It further states that their families will be forever in his thoughts.

His Worship Donio reminds the court that no amount of monetary penalty can replace the loss that has been suffered as a result of this tragic accident.

His Worship imposes the maximum 1000$ fine plus the 200$ victim surcharge on JONES.

As usual, no taxpayer subsidized media is present in court.


19 Replies to “$1000 Fine for man after two adults die in incident.”

  1. Wow white privileged at its finest u can not deny that! Cuz if it was a person who was native/black/hispanic etc, you know they are getting sent to jail. But hey what can I do when the this city is runned by ppl who discriminate on everyone that’s not white.

    1. There’s no punishments greater then then the tortuture of the ensuing guilt this young man will feel for the rest of his life. I wish peace for the family and the young man.

    2. Wow is right! lets talk racism, discrimination and prejudice. It was a traffic accident, not premeditated murder. Kindly explain the white privilege here. Does the fine seem to fit? Probably not, but as explained in the article, it’s the max allowed.

    3. Easy on the white privilege chum, talk like that racism, the stupid young man didn’t do it with intent but the result was catastrophic. Keep up the division. White people are the same as any other race which all have there strengths and weaknesses, let’s do a study to pin- point the most evil and useless race then. I wonder who the family knows is the question.

  2. 1000 dollar fine for taking two peoples lives… what other penalties is this kid getting? The family of the two people that he killed that day have to live knowing that their loved ones will never be back and all this kid gets is a 1000 dollar fine. I hope he realizes how serious his actions were that day and that he should probably never drive again…

  3. Hey Leo! You’re a racist for attempting to communicate in such a manner. You think this kid intentionally tried to kill these people? He made a judgement call that was erroneous. I wouldn’t doubt he has sleepless nights and needs counselling. He has to relive what he’s done over and over again for the rest of his life. Just because the court has set their verdict does not mean the end of this ordeal. The family can still come after him for further compensation in the form of lawsuits but again, no dollar value will bring them back. This isn’t court corruption but rather court compassion because they know, at 19, hrs got years of torment ahead of him. Maybe you’re the type of person that believes in ‘an eye for an eye’ and will only be satisfied when he’s swinging from a tree? Mistakes happen and this is the biggest mistake of his life.

    1. well that being the case fw,,,what about Humbolt,,he run a stop sign,,and we know the result of that,,and im sure he is looking at life in prison,,as he deserves

  4. The judge knows that if he sent that kid to jail, he would never come back.
    That ginger would be passed around like tiwanease currency.
    He would be in the medical room daily from his prolapsed anus.
    Jeezus…the things those criminals would do to that boy.

  5. No suspension of driver’s license? No driver’s license points? No requirement for driver retraining? I think the above would have been more appropriate than just fines.

    1. Good point. Regardless of anything else, it would speak volumes to the community that this individual would at least be marginally safer on the road.

  6. Hey Leo, go back into the old stories on the right side of the screen and look at the amount of time natives get for murder useing the rediculous Gaune rule. A girl sitting on the steps , stabs her boyfriend in the neck and kills him and gets two years. Others that have killed use this Gaune rule which most times bring up that their grandparents were in the residential school system and it gets them more time off their sentence. White privileged?? The kid made a stupid mistake and yes there should have been a year or two without a license. The Thunder Bay judges are a joke when it comes to sentencing and releasing criminals.

  7. Remember people make mistakes…some mistakes are small and some are life changing.
    Drinking and driving is different.

    Of course it’s absolutely horrible when these things happen, but remember whatever the penalty, the outcome is still the same. Someone could die or be maimed.
    One day you could make a mistake that is life changing and you will know how it feels.
    I hope that never happens to you!
    Take a minute and show some compassion for humans of every background that make mistakes…
    Even the guy from Humboldt, at least he plead guilty to everything. Good for him to own it.
    He didn’t try to Blame everyone else like a lot of people these days.
    No matter how you slice it, bad things happen everyday and some things are truly accidental.
    People just need to stop slinging mud and stop calling the race card too.
    We don’t know exactly what happened at the accident and don’t know about the investigation.
    People of every background have raciest members, and it’s not right.
    No one chooses what race they are going to be. Everyone needs to work harder at being just human and actually care about their fellow human. Peace and happiness to all.
    I’m not trying to get reaction here… just for people to think hard before terrible comments that’s all.
    Sorry if this has angered people.

  8. Family Guy gave the best humane answer. We ALL have made mistakes that may have caused harm or death, OR we have been fortunate enough to have escaped harm or death. The age, history of bad behaviour/previous offences and INTENT all need be looked at when convicting a person. Having a REMORSEFUL attitude towards the victims and their families, also should be considered, as well as REHABILITATION and a strong will to CORRECT and CHANGE BAD BEHAVIOUR. A lot of us in Thunder Bay drive like idiots, in too much of a hurry to get NO Where, so be careful when we judge, as THOSE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES, SHOULD BE CAREFUL WHEN THROWING STONES. Maybe if we were not so quick to judge all the time, and found out the TRUTH, and nothing but the WHOLE TRUTH, so help us GOD., then maybe we could all get along in the sandbox.

  9. We all miss you Ren and Mario so very much.You were wonderful and we are so blessed to have had you in our lives. We will see you on the other side and until then you live in our hearts

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