Break and Enter Thief Dawson Perreault Gets Big Break on Sentence



Being led handcuffed by 2 Thunder Bay Police Special Constables in Courtroom 304 this afternoon, Monday January 7,2019 before His Honour Justice Dino DiGiuseppe is 19 year old DAWSON VICTOR PERREAULT.


PERREAULT is wearing generic institutional running shoes, blue track pants and blue hoodie with red on inside of hood.

The last time we saw PERREAULT, was New Year’s Day 2019 when he was yelling profanities in video bail court. He’s much more subdued today.

Crown Attorney Tamara Fairchild is present and PERREAULT is represented by defence lawyer David Pearce.


PERREAULT is prepared to plead guilty to 8 charges today. His lawyer David Pearce has negotiated a very good deal for him and Crown Fairchild is willing to give that deal of a global sentence of one year in jail less 3 months enhanced time served plus 18 months probation. It will require the approval of the Judge.


On October 21, 2017 at around 9pm, PERREAULT broke into a home in Geraldton and stole an Xbox, iPod, laptop computer, Nintendo games and other items. PERREAULT later sold the laptop and games for 5$ to another Geraldton youth who thought they might be stolen. Once the victim became aware items were stolen, they contacted police. The OPP managed to recover some of the property. PERREAULT was arrested, charged and released.

On March 17, 2018 the OPP are called to a home on 3rd Ave in Geraldton. The homeowner had just returned from being gone all week. They entered the home to find it had been broken into and items were stolen. A lot of jewellery, a Nintendo Wii gaming system, a PlayStation 4, an Xbox and movies were just some of the items taken.

On March 18,2018 , the homeowner received a Facebook message from a 28 year old TRAVIS OGUSHING who states he has items he believes might be hers. OGUSHING had paid $150 for a backpack full of stolen items. The homeowner notifies local police.

On March 19,2018 a police investigation revealed that 18 year old KEITH GILLIAM-WRIGHT of Geraldton, Ontario was involved with DAWSON PERREAULT in the break and enter.

GILLIAM-WRIGHT gets charged with the following Criminal Code offences:

  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Under $5,000
  • Fail to Comply with Sentence
  • Break and Enter a Dwelling House

TRAVIS OGUSHING of Geraldton, Ontario gets charged with:

  • Possession Property Obtained by Crime Under $5,000

At 7:39pm Greenstone OPP arrest DAWSON VICTOR PERREAULT and he is charged with:

  • Possession Property Obtained by Crime Under $5,000
  • Fail to Comply with Sentence
  • Break and Enter a Dwelling House

PERREAULT revealed to the police whom he sold the XBOX to. Not all of the stolen items were able to be retrieved.


On July 20,2018, a 911 call is placed from the 200 block of First Street in Geraldton by the mother of DAWSON PERREAULT. He is out on bail living with his mother at the time. She has agreed to let her son use her cell phone but not to leave the room. PERREAULT does not listen to her and leaves the room. His mother tries to stop him but he threatens to strike her. He then pulls out a knife and threatens suicide. OPP arrive and arrest PERREAULT. He’s charged with failure to comply and taken to hospital for mental health assessment. Again, he’s released by a Justice of the Peace.


Three days later, at 11:41 am on July 23, 2018, surveillance video at a home in the 200 block of 3rd Ave in Geraldton show a masked intruder doing a break and enter into a home. Among items taken were 10 Alexander Keith’s beers out of a fridge and a large quantity of jewellery. Later that same evening, Greenstone OPP spot DAWSON PERREAULT in a church parking lot on 2nd Ave. He’s wearing the same clothing as the person on video committing the break and enter earlier that day and he has most of the stolen items in his possession.

Justice DiGiuseppe reminds the counsels and clerks that break and enter with disguise is a straight indictable offence.


PERREAULT is charged with break and enter again, the disguise and violating his latest 2 day old bail release. He’s not quickly released this time by the courts and spends almost the next 2 months in the Thunder Bay Jail before getting a bail hearing where he’s released to 3 sureties who all pledge 500$ for him.


On January 1,2019 at 12:20 am, PERREAULT returns to his surety, George and Shirley Cyr’s home intoxicated and starts breaking things. OPP are called and PERREAULT makes his infamous New Year’s Day Bail court appearance. The Cyr’s along with Lynn Morin will each be 500$ lighter for failing to properly supervise PERREAULT.


PERREAULT is a member of the Ginoogaming First Nation Indian Reserve 77. He’s one of 7 children in the family. He experienced unspecified abuse by a friend of his mother’s when he was younger and has a Grade 11 education. He started using crystal meth when he was 14 and that addiction fuelled his criminal behaviour. His mother loves him and were it not for snowstorm, she would have been here today. PERREAULT hopes to get a job at Longlac Lumber Mill when he’s released from jail.

PERREAULT has a related criminal record as a youth and that is an aggravating factor.


Justice DiGiuseppe is ready to pass sentence but he has some words for PERREAULT first. He tells him that were it not for addiction, youth and Gladue factors, this sentence would be much longer. He also tells this teenage criminal that he’s “been given a lot of slack” here referencing Crown Attorney Fairchild’s leniency towards PERREAULT.

A global sentence of one year in jail minus 3 months enhanced presentence custody will leave PERREAULT with 9 months going forward. He’s also receiving 18 months of probation. PERREAULT is ordered to provide his DNA and not to have any contact with his victims.

His Honour reminds PERREAULT that significant considerations have been made for him by the Crown today and His Honour also adds a recommendation for PERREAULT to serve his time at the Thunder Bay Correctional Center so he can be close to his mother and family. Court hears his mother is driving to visit him tonight at the Thunder Bay Jail.

With statutory release applied, PERREAULT will most likely be released in June 2019.

As usual, local taxpayer subsidized media are not present to report this.


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  1. Whoa! hold on a second!
    Travis O buys items, then suspects they were stolen and contacts the true owner, identifies the thief, and his reward is that he gets charged for being in possession of stolen items???!!!

    So if I take my gran to a Geraldton yard sale, and she buys a coffee cup, and finds out later she bought a stolen coffee cup, and informs the true owner, the Geraldton police force will charge her and haul her into court?

    Moral of the story, dont buy used items in Geraldton?

  2. They forgot to add in that he’s the great grandson of a residential school survivor and he should be given more free money instead of jail time.

  3. Once again this Gladue report bulls**t has given a perpetual criminal a a a sentence that screams inequality. This justice (injustice) system is so flawed and racist that it has become a huge joke.

  4. Why are these a**holes always giving the finger?
    They’re not cool and always look stupid!
    An FAR from tough.

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