(VIDEO) – A Duo, One With No Pants Steal Car


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Earlier this week a pair of brazen criminals were doing their nightly rounds, breaking into vehicles to loot the pocket change and odd item of value.
This is a daily occurrence in Thunder Bay and if we go a day without an incident as such, it is rare.
As you can see in the video below, the pair walk up to the car and appear to have the keys in hand as they unlock the car and start it up. It’s been debated if the person in black is putting a gun into their pants as they approach the vehicle.
The victim of this heist says that the suspects had broken into a different vehicle before this and lifted the keys out of there.
Not being a person to lay down and wait, the victim of this car heist took to the streets in search of their vehicle. They located it some time after.
The vehicle was found damaged.



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  1. Nothing that happens in this city is shocking anymore. This city has turned into a such huge craphole filled with so many low lifes. It makes when Detroit was at its worst look like a day at the beach. When I go on holidays I no longer tell people I am from Thunder Bay because of the reactionsIi get when I say I am from here. It is like I have leprosy. Now I just say Northern Ontario. So sad our once beautiful gem of a city has turned into such a swamp of crime, with a filthy environment, crackheads pissing on the streets, infinite drug addicts and perpetual bums mooching from you everytime you try go shopping. I know many people that have moved rom here and they say they wont ever come back. Too bad for us that are stuck here.

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