(GREENSTONE, ON) – It appears someone was having a severe case of the munchies in Greenstone yesterday, as they are now behind bars regarding allegations of robbery and theft.

A 46-year-old Pernell Chapais appeared before Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesic this morning in a Thunder Bay bail court. Chapais was streamed in via video from the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Greenstone.

Crown Attorney VanKessel was also in court along with duty counsel lawyer Andrew Desmoulin.

Chapais is alleged to have robbed a man of 6 caramel chocolate bars and 4 bags of chips yesterday. Her charge from that incident is:

  • Robbery

Allegedly, this isn’t the first time that the apparent case of the munchies hit Chapais hard, he was also arrested due to an alleged incident on November 12th, which saw at least 1 chocolate bar stolen from the local Value Mart. Her charge from that situation is below:

  • Theft

A source has told us that they believe Chapais threatened a teenage boy, indicating that he would “beat the s**t out of him” if he called the police.

The Crown tells the court that this is a Crown-onus situation, but will not be consenting to Chapais’ release based on the primary and secondary grounds.

Primary grounds means that the Crown believes it is substantially unlikely that the accused will show up to their court dates. Secondary grounds indicate that the Crown has concerns surrounding one or more of the following:

  • The likelihood of the accused to re-offend
  • The likelihood of the accused to become a public safety concern
  • The potential for the accused to interfere in the administration of justice

Further, the Crown tells the court that Chapais has a criminal record 5 pages long which is related to these offences. Also, a no-contact order is requested between Chapais and the complainants.

Duty counsel requests that the matter come back to court tomorrow, and that he will contact Chapais’ lawyer to inform them of his new charges.

The Justice of the Peace orders Chapais not to contact the named complainants, and to remain in jail until at least their court date tomorrow, in which another shot at bail is possible.

Chapais was escorted back to her jail cell, where he will wait