Large Black Wolf Attacks Woman And Her Dog


(COCHENOUR, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police have informed us about a wolf attack that has taken place in a small town recently.

Police tell us that on February 7th a 38-year-old woman was walking her dog along Edward Avenue in Cochenour, Ontario when a “large black wolf” first attacked her dog.


She decided to step in between the two animals in an attempt to break up the attack and scare off the wolf, which resulted in her suffering several bite wounds to her legs and back. The woman was taken to the hospital for medical attention.

The wolf was as tall as the woman’s chest.

Police investigated the attack scene but were unable to track down the wolf.


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has received numerous complaints about a large black wolf/dog in the Balmertown area, but police have not been able to confirm if this is the same animal.

Citizens are asked to contact police immediately if they come in contact or see the black wolf/dog.


6 Replies to “Large Black Wolf Attacks Woman And Her Dog”

  1. Fight or flight…I think I would have chosen the latter with even a chihuahua viciously attacking let alone a wolf up to my chest! At least she’s alive and good for her. I guess we’ll really know how she’s doing on the next full moon!

  2. Hoax… was amaze uo story. Attacked by her own animal but didn’t want it out down. So fabricated this story. Even the cops could find evidence of a wolf .

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