Community Submission – “There is a lot here not being discussed”


(OPINION) – The following was submitted by a member of the community.

…While on the scene, an intoxicated 17-year-old female was located inside and was being prepared for transport to the hospital…


the officer is receiving medical treatment “as a result of exposure to bodily fluids which occurred during her physical contact with a 17-year-old female at the Egan Street residence.”…

The video continues to be condemned by First Nation leaders and possible legal action is being considered.  

Look, until First Nations take responsibility for their actions, nobody is going to take them seriously.  There is a lot here that is not being discussed.  A hell of a lot more.


The Chiefs are saying nothing about the fact that a 17 year old girl was intoxicated.  They are not saying anything about the fact that this intoxicated 17 year old girl was being transported to hospital for some reason. Was that reason something to do with the amount of whatever substance that she had illegally consumed?  The Chiefs are not saying that spiting on a police officer was wrong.  Its wrong to spit on ANYONE!

Now the Chiefs are looking at a lawsuit?  Of course they are. Cost them nothing. There is no downside.  I am guessing the lawsuit will be for $100 million?  Maybe $200 million?  Settle for $100,000?

Only those Chiefs would think that a 17 year old girl, that

  1. was intoxicated. Alcohol? Drugs?  Both?
  2. had to be transported to a hospital. Why? Was it something to do with the alcohol or drugs she had consumed?  Needed to be restrained.
  3. spit on a police officer forcing that police officer to receive medical treatment against who knows what virus and bacteria was in that intoxicated 17 year old girl’s spit.

was soo wronged by the Thunder Bay Police Service that a lawsuit is in order.  THAT is sooo sad.   Of course, the best defence is to go on offence.  Make it all about the police officer’s actions, not the actions of 17 year old intoxicated girl and the other people at the Egan Street residence.


Now if that TBPS officer comes down with tuberculosis or any other disease that can be transmitted via saliva, then I am sure the police officer will sue.  Of course, the 17 year old girl has nothing to lose.  You can’t get blood from stone.

I don’t know of any community that would think that 17 years being intoxicated, having to go to the hospital and spiting on a police officer is OK.  Just another day in the Matawa First Nations?  No problem that they can see?  Parents were OK with their 17 year old daughter being intoxicated and having to go to the hospital?  Happens a lot does it?

…The Matawa Chiefs Council wish to condemn the actions of the first responders who were present and involved in this incident,” the statement reads. “These actions are unacceptable and unjustifiable, regardless how they were precipitated….

Maybe, just maybe those first responders were trying to save the girl’s life?   Maybe the girls was sooo intoxicated that the first responders could not do their job?  Maybe the slap to the face was necessary to calm the girl down?  We do not see what happened before the slap.  We do not know the whole story.  Will we ever?

This incident has done more to promote racism in Thunder Bay than any other.  the person who posted the video on social media thought that she was showing everyone how indigenous youth was being mistreated by TBPS.  Instead, the spiting in the face of a police officer by an intoxicated 17 year old indigenous girl fired up anti-indigenous sentiment in the city.  It made things worse, not better.

It has never been shown that the slap was racially motivated.  The fact that the police officer was white and the young girl was indigenous makes the charge of racism a forgone conclusion.  Same as it would be in the US had it been a white police officer and black youth.  Its exactly the same situation.


One of these days, this city will explode. You can feel the racial tension out there.


Why would anyone want to move here?   Seriously?  Why would any company locate here?  If it was not for government handouts, this city would have died years ago

– The Opinionated Bastard


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    1. Bubba. You need a slap? Calm down. Lol. This is crazy talk. Ya the girl was drunk. So let’s say that now it’s ok to slap a drunk girl and hold her down and push her into the gurney. It’s not. When you work with people who may be a problem you are taught to de escalate. Protect yourself and back off. From what I’ve read there are so many comments that violence is ok in retaliation. It’s not ok. And yes she’s 17. She is still a child who was under the influence of alcohol. So it’s ok to slap her. NO it’s not.

    2. Loops.
      The Police officer shouldn’t have slapped her even though the 17 year old young adult deserved it. Do I blame the Cop for her actions? “I” do not. I blame Fiddler and the like who keep defending these individuals.
      It’s evident the Police are frustrated with this ongoing issue in this city. There’s no where to turn for advice or guidance. Even from the Chief of Police has turned her back on her own Police force. We lost the last Chief because of the same circumstance.

    3. Bubba I think any personal injury lawyer would have jumped on this case for free regardless of race. The fact that this girl was a student and here alone she has organizations advocating for her. With all that said. I’m sure she has learned a lesson here and hopefully will change the path she is on and start to become a more responsible person in her upcoming adult life.

    4. Loops – again.
      Sometimes I find it hard understanding your posts and where you come up with the stuff you do.
      At any rate, I think you’re living in a land with Unicorns and leprechauns.
      You can hope all you want, she will NOT change her ways. This the norm for her and it’s all she knows.
      I hope you’ll be at City hall on December 15th. I will be.

    5. Bubba I don’t know her personally but maybe you do. I can only hope for the best for everyone involved that’s it. As for me living in a fantasy It’s rainbows and butterflies. Peace

  1. So what if the officer on medical leave contracted a disease from the saliva contact? All the girl got was a smack across the head, if it turns out the officer caught something then she is the real victim here.

    I hope she’s clean and the officer is disease free, I really do. But considering this happened in front of a known crack house (where no 17 year old should be)… I’m worried for the officer.

  2. The lawyers for NAN/Mattawa/etc must love it here. I wonder if they’re the ones behind all this “see you in court” crap?

    1. It was your suggestion to go there pal? No threats happening here. Ooh your scared now. Chill out !!! I wouldn’t take you anywhere. Lol.

  3. Uhhhhhhh…….no ……..i suggested YOU go there and your right,you wouldnt go anywhere with me because there is no way you could make that happen ………..PAL…….

    1. Brian says fruit loops. Lol that’s funny. It actually stands for Life on our planet. And it should be like squiggly lips afterwards. I thought it was cute. When I say Brian I think of the dog on Family guy.

  4. Do i Loops? How about we meet up and see ? I think i would enjoy that . YOU F*****G LOSER. I would love to see you talk s**t with me in person.

  5. Brian……not sure Loops is a he but if he is ,he probably has his panty hose on as we speak.He is a whiny little bitch

    1. From what I gather, Loops is indigenous. However, I believe she hides that fact but is still very proud of her heritage. I also believe SHE is not working, whether that be because of a disability or retirement. I’ll go with both of those.
      Loops, how am I doing here so far?

    2. Bubba you are spot on. Was working got into a bad car accident not my fault and now I sit at home. That’s it. Not trying to be a tough guy behind a keyboard. Thanks.

  6. Seems youth all over the world are the same – ill-disciplined, cocky, full of crap and consider themselves untouchable. And who do we thank for this attitude? The liberals of today who are instrumental in today’s youngsters being of the opinion: “I’m untouchable – so you owe me….” That police officer should be given a medal for at least TRYING to subdue this cocky kid who probably won’t even remember what happened and why she was slapped in the first place, but will – in all probability – return to the place where she was picked up and continue on the path of self-destruction…. And should that happen that this same cocky youngster end up dead somewhere as a result of its drinking/drugging, the elders/mothers/fathers/chiefs will probably point a finger at the whites and blame them for the kid’s death… But remember, pointing a finger at someone else has three fingers pointing back at yourself…

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