(OPINION) – Hi, My name is Pino Demasi. I started TRCCTB.COM back in January of 2018 due to my awareness that a majority of crimes and other concerning events went unreported in our mainstream media.

I run the “The REAL Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay” Facebook group, which was started back in like 2014 if I remember correctly. The group was mainly a place where people could share news stories, local events, and discuss these issues amongst each other.


I started noticing that a lot of things people would submit to the group, and discuss, would not have an article in the news that either confirmed the details or at least acknowledged it happened. This semi-frustrated me, as I was an avid news fan of all local media.

I decided I would reach out to some of these media companies and send in tips, such as “Hey, this happened, this person knows about it. Go check it out”. On average, about 9 out of 10 tips I would send in, would never be printed or followed up on. Instead, we would only get regurgitated sterilized media releases which often had names and details omitted from time to time, which I also found odd, and still do not understand to this day.

I asked a local journalist “why?” why don’t these stories make it to print. The answer I got? BUDGET. They can’t afford to run every story they hear about. I get it, Thunder Bay has a lot going on. They have it in their budget to report on McHappy day, but not the violent assault that happened, or the child molester on James Street.


After thinking about it for some time, I decided I would take a stab at putting out my own articles, and reached out to several local media companies. I got declined over “budget restraints” and one person laughed at me and said they only hire professionals.

Well, me not being someone to roll over and give up, I decided “F**k it! I’ll start my own damn website!” and behold, TRCCTB.COM was born.

Right off the hop, I had local journalists mocking my write-ups, and taking stabs at my grammar. I wasn’t offended, and I still aren’t. I never read a book from front to back in my life. This was a spur of the moment thing, and I think it’s turned out quite well.

You’re literally reading news brought to you by a fat disabled cement finisher with a slew of health issues and an iPhone.

I recall my first few times going to public events to cover news, like the OIPRD report thing at the Victoria Inn. Other local media would ask me to move from here to there and bounce me around so they could get the shot they want. I had no issue with this, whatever, I moved to please them. Once I started my live stream, they would walk over, and block my view.

I even heard them whispering amongst each other, bashing me. Cool, and everyone questions my “professionalism”.

Whatever, that didn’t bother me, I kept on doing my thing. They finally stopped that when I brought a friend to the PA Clinic strike, and told him about the camera lurking in front of thing they do. He went out of his way to pay it back, and it’s never happened to me again since.

Then this crowd of people started trying to paint me as a “racist” and “hateful”. What people need to realize is that Thunder Bay has a large population of people who are not white, and just like white people, they commit crimes too.

Anyone who thinks I go a cherry pick stories about people who aren’t white, go spend a couple days in the courthouse and come back with an educated opinion. You’re dumb, and you’re only impressing other dumb people and encouraging them to be dumb, like you.

The racist/hateful non-sense continues until this day. I ignore it and laugh it off.


Then people started accusing me of being a drug-dealing heavy drug user. Boy if I was involved in any sort of drug dealing or organized crime I’d have to be the stupidest criminal to be chasing cops around crime scenes all day, and spending time at the courthouse every week.


I’ve had people message me and my family members with death threats. I had one guy, who used to run the cleanup crew cautioned to not contact me as he also threatened my life. This guy still to this day runs around blasting me with made up bulls**t whenever he gets drunk and bored.

Endless people messaging my wife telling her how sorry they feel for her because they don’t like the news that I WRITE! Like SERIOUSLY!

I had a letter from the Thunder Bay Police Service’s lawyer sent to me, telling me that I do not have their permission to use the images provided via their “Wanted Wednesday” program. I called right away to sort this out, as a news outlet, I do not need anyone’s permission to use their photos for news reporting purposes.


After a lengthy discussion on the phone, I made it clear that I would continue to use these photos. I brushed it off as likely just bitterness from the Director of Communications.

Then I started reporting on the frequent attempted abductions that had been happening, and one woman’s tale of how she was taken to Toronto and forced into the sex trade. She showed me things that confirmed her story beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I ran the story, and I had been warning people about this happening. Then on October 2, 2018, the Thunder Bay Police Service’s media release was published outright denying that anyone was abducted, forced to take drugs, forced into sex trafficking, etc.

People were outraged, and the people who already don’t like me were celebrating in the streets. They thought they had a big victory in their hands.


I questioned how the police service could release this media release when there was a gang-related abduction that went through court, and the Crown withdrew the charges due to all the witnesses not willing to testify over fear.

That’s when the Christopher Osmar allegations came to my attention. I worked hard to get the story, confirming details, and hammering it out. This incident happened on August 7th to August 13th. The police media release said very clearly that they did not have any “reports” of this happening, yet just a couple months earlier they made the arrest and this man is in jail awaiting trial.

What the funk? How did the population take that so quietly? Where is the response from the tbps media release guy regarding that huge f***ing lie? And don’t get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of our police. I have been kicking up a storm and making noise surrounding the fact we need more officers, and the ones we have are overworked. I just believe there is some rot at the top that needs to be sorted out.

Most recently people have been comparing my page to the old “Thunder Bay Dirty” which I had nothing to do with, I was busy wiping concrete and wasn’t on social media other than to message my friends. I don’t see how the two pages are remotely similar. A knee-jerk insult from people without spending any length of time on my page.

And now recently, with the out-of-town lawyer offering free services to anyone that wants to sue me over “slander” or whatever. The key part to “slander” is that I had to have lied. Hasn’t happened.

None of this crap shakes me. Yes, I made a mistake with a photo, I put the wrong woman on there. I corrected it within 20 seconds of it being published, I apologized repeatedly to the woman in private and made a public apology.

Her image only remains online as a weapon for people that don’t like me. These people are not concerned about her, they are only using her as a pawn to attack me.

There is a lot I left out of this story, that I will save for another day. This is just the tip of the iceberg surrounding the garbage I’ve dealt with trying to cover gaps in the news coverage I see in town and in the region.

I have made minor mistakes, just like every other news agency out there. I acknowledge my mistakes, correct them, apologize and do what I can to make it right. The Chronicle Journal is the only mainstream local news source that actually prints corrections, apologies and retractions that I have noticed and doesn’t just edit their article in silence. Good on you CJ.

TBPS it would be nice if you responded to the Chris Osmar story, and the fact there was indeed reports of exactly what you said you didn’t have reports of.

I want to take the end of this article to thank the Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition for inviting me and teaching me how to report on court appearances.



  1. I always look forward to your reports. You are the only news that I read in this area. Keep up the good work and don’t let the assholes around you change your ways.

    1. you can find dirt on anyone if you look hard enough. poor guy is just out chasing his dream…I do not know him, or really care at all, but 99% of what I see from him is good news, with a personal opinion…which would have been fine with everyone 5 years ago before we went through this global…”pussification” process…

      my comment on someone’s bash related share on this article. i just done understand the sensitivity of people nowadays…

  2. Hey Pino , if you are doing what you love to do then keep on keeping on. I think you are smart, funny, and down to earth and really trying out there. I really enjoy reading your articles. All the best.

  3. Keep up with the good work. You know what to do Pino. We are evolving quicker then ever before. maybe even to fast to where people cant handle. The truth. The real struggles of Thunder Bay, ON. And we live in it daily. Not only in thunder bay. All over Canada the drug epidemic takes anybody and it will take your soul. Many crimes occur of drugs. Directly and indirectly. The ones in control want that control to stay forever under their thumb. Oppression is used as a tool. And it will never end until we make a stand as people.. movements make things happen. Not one person… Use this tool of social media.

  4. The Thunder Bay dirty page was run by a 14 year old white boy from fort Frances. Although I don’t agree with some of the things posted on your page, it is informative and helps people know that something’s in our city is really wrong and needs to be dealt with.


  6. Pino your doing an amazing job and please continue to report. It’s about time someone reports what’s really going on in Thunder Bay. There has been way to much corruption going on for years and it’s about time someone like you finally reports the true shit that goes on there. Please keep up the amazing job.

  7. Please name the goonie-goo-goo out of town scumbag lawyer…you are my go to for real Tbay crime news… also bring back carding.. it worked…j

  8. I raise my coffee cup to you , Pino. You are an example of how a determined individual (and helpers) can make a meaningful difference.
    This is local news. Actual *real* local news. It’s my first stop, always.
    Only afterward do I browse other “local” sites to find out about Mchappy day and who won the quilting bee.

  9. Dude, you took a small, personal hobby of yours and made it into something that now, over 25,000 people depend on daily.

    Dont apologize for a god damn thing!

    Do you think I apologized to my employer when I crashed and burned a $30,000.00 drone?
    Eff no. Its called a learning experience.
    And learning from your mistakes is what makes you a better person.

    I learnt from it. We bought a new $50,000.00 fixed wing drone two days later and I was back in the sky that week.
    I took my small hobby and made it into a career.
    Luckily my employer supports this effort and backed me up.
    I fly a fricken drone for a living.

    Well we are your supporters Pino.
    And were here to back you up when you need it. Because we appreciate the amount of hard work it takes to keep all this together.
    Keep it up brother


  10. Pino! You are something different don’t let these people bully you out of what you do. Thunder Bay has a way of stopping change. I personally would.love to watch anything than our TBT news at 6. How great would a new news room be. With real shit that goes down in this city. Let them report on what it is they report on and you keep reporting on crime. Let the hatters hate thats what they do best. And really a lawyer….oh please….you are human and humans can make mistakes. You fixed it and it was all these Haters who kept the picture alive and spead it around lije wild fire. ..if any of them even stopped for one second they would relaize they were causing the misinformation by continuing to share it….DUH. anywho there is never a dull moment on your site keep us the journalisting . A fan Valerie

  11. Thank you for your hard work.. Your news outlet is the best thunder bay has to offer.. Maybe the best news reporting style the world has to hope for .. .. I dont really follow the new, except for larg important articles from local/world news, because i can rest assured that most of the articles we reed or view have been filtered and dumbed down to the point that they only vaguely resemble what once was an article of the TRUTH… Now this is not the case when it comes to your articles for one reason i would think … Money 💰… Im not %100 sure if you make any revenue off your sight or articles, but i am %100 sure regular news outlets do… Now that is a big deal and says alot and is why you are givin such a hard time from local news/police service.. They are out there doing thier jobs to make money.. You are out there to obtain and convey the truth to the public .. Thank you Pino sir .. Your not fat, your chubby and adorable, smart and persistent, and you have and will continue to change our community for the better .. My hat and pants go off to you sir x)

  12. What you seem to fail to understand is that there is often a reason why there is a delay in news occurring, and when it is published and made public. The reason for that?? The reason is if someone has died or been seriously injured, posting a picture before next of kin has been notified is extremely disrespectful. Imagine just logging onto Facebook and seeing your loved ones car has been smashed. Imagine finding out that way. Imagine how awful that would feel. But being empathetic and putting yourself into someone else’s shoes does not seem to be something you are capable of. There is no reason why the general public needs to see pictures like that in real time. It is no one’s god damn business, but you have made it your business. If you used a bit more judgment and applied some empathy you would likely receive a lot less criticism…

    you should also find it upsetting that one of your faithful followers has compared you to Trump. Congrats on that one….

    1. The times have changed. News has become everyone’s business now that we can record take a picture of and post for the world to see. You are going to find out sooner or later. So what are you saying to Pino? Don’t be posting of car crashes and stop acting like Trump? It’s ok to do this but don’t do that? You need some bubble wrap? Please!!

    2. nope, what I am saying is does the picture need to be included in all cases? There is a difference between posting a picture of a fender bender and posting a picture of an easily ID’d car that visibly likely resulted in a fatality. You can easily report on something without including a picture, Ie: accident on ____ rd, outcome is____. WITHOUT the picture, but that wouldn’t result in the same number of views or the shock value, so it gets included.

  13. First off, majority of Dryden and Wabigoon area residents read this page due to censorship of our own news. When we need to know what’s going on in our area we look to this page because it shows everything, this page doesn’t filter it’s content and that’s why people need it. Every other news page for this area filters it’s content to make the area appear less dangerous than it actually is, and when you live in an area where crime and violence are literally taking over you need to know what’s going on. Thousands of people depend on this page to tell them what is really going on, I know people who cant even leave their houses until they read this page because their area is so dangerous that going outside without knowing what’s happening could be potentially deadly. This page isn’t the problem, the real problem is censorship; people in power are controlling what people can and can not talk about. They try to convince us that we’re safe, that there’s not a bunch of meth heads running around killing each other and random people, that there’s not people threatening our kids with knives at school, that there is no organized crime in our area, but there is. This page shows us all of the news that our news purposely hides, things we need to know so that we can at least prepare ourselves for what is going on out there. All people who commit crimes are criminals, and we deserve to know who these people are and what they’ve done so they can be judged accordingly..

    1. Dryden and Wabigoon only get “HOMER” news from their local radio station. It’s glorified how great your communities are when in reality there are lots of addicts a busy methadone program gang activity and most recently a incident at the high school where a student was assaulted. Lots of thefts and break ins. Stay safe!!

  14. I appreciate your reporting and reporting style. I like that you even expanded the area’s you report on. You are doing something that should be done everywhere. A public service in my opinion. I was taken aback by your article challenging a lawyer to bring it on so to speak. I was very surprised you would publicly engage with someone like this bringing your personal emotions into your reporting. I have to admit I lost some respect for this movement after reading that. Engaging angry people on Facebook is also degrading to your publication.
    Keep reporting obviously but as a reader I prefer not to read high school like back and forths between you and your personal enemies. It’s not easy to take the high road all of the time but professionalism equals credibility and respect. If not eventually this whole thing will probably implode and your enemies will cheer and celebrate

  15. Hey Pino
    Keep up the great work. Look forward to reading your articles. There are a lot of journalists that could take a lesson or two from you. Don,t let anyone discourage you in anyway. Your our Dan Rather of Thunder Bay. Actually he was Canadian so you see great journalists are bred in this country of ours. If you did some back ground checks you would see most of the great journalists in the states are Canadian or started here. So go to the top of Mountain McKay and pound your chest and only your chest Pino nothing else. LOL Thanks Pino.

  16. I think youre doing a remarkable job Pino. You should be proud of what you have accomplished.

    Please keep up the excellent work, we all depend on you to tell us the real truth the other media insists on hiding.

  17. Pino, You are doing a great public service by exposing the fact that other news outlets sugar coat or fail to report the many goings on in this city that we the citizens are entitled to be made aware of.
    The TBPS should be ashamed of themselves for not firing their overpaid Executive Officer for doing such a poor job of keeping citizens informed. If it were not for all your hard work and determination we would be kept in the dark.
    Please keep it up.

  18. I appreciate the updates on what’s going on in the surrounding areas… having 5 teenagers, 3 girls, I use some of these articles as a tool to help keep them safe, for this thank you very much

  19. You can report the news that’s fine, but sometimes you go beyond that, you insult people by describing their looks or what they are eating or ordering at Tim’s that’s not news a real journalist does not do that. People want someone like you reporting the stories but there’s no need for some of the comments that you include in your stories.

    1. Hey Dee, I’m just calling it a hunch the letter D has been following you around all of your life. Maybe try for a C. I know it’s a stretch, but at least give it a shot.

  20. Pino, first off, thanks for not posting my comment earlier (even if you remember that). You saved me from looking like an idiot.
    Second, keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll often find in life the Ratters will make more noise than the followers. Even though they represent the minority.

  21. Keep up the great work, Pino.

    Everyone has a style, and you have yours. Don’t back down from the naysayers. If they don’t like your site, no one is holding a gun to their head to read it!

    The old saying of “opinions and assholes” couldn’t be more appropriate for these people. And they could also start their own site and see how far they get.

  22. I think this is the greatest site ever. Expose these fools and dealers. Keep up the solid work it’s appreciated and I hear nothing but positive feedback on your site. Some people snickered at first I remember, but you’ve come a long way. F**k other local media besides sports and obituaries(respect)

  23. Pino,your a warrior of truth and it should NEVER be stopped.Propoganda needs to take a second place to the truth.People have the right to know the truth whether its good or bad.Hats off yo you and all the good you do .A very big thank you !

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