(VIDEO) – Highway Protest / Round Dance


(MANITOBA / ONTARIO BORDER) – The scheduled round dance organized by Treaty 1 has successfully happened at the border of Ontario and Manitoba.
Grand Chief Jerry Daniels was present along with numerous others as they commenced their traditional dance across the divided highway.
Numerous vehicles can been seen in the background of the video, waiting to be let through.
The centre of this protest is surrounding water issues and Daniels issues with the premier of Manitoba.
Officers from both the RCMP on the Manitoba side and the OPP on the Ontario side are present and working to keep traffic flowing when safe to do so.
Below is the video provided by the First Nations involved.



4 Replies to “(VIDEO) – Highway Protest / Round Dance”

  1. Thank you Pino! I have HOPE in your news…was getting a little apprehensive..thought you are a R word or the N, or a ABC. My respects to you and your topics.

  2. Amanda Freeman
    Yesterday at 12:16 PM
    Iskatewizaagegan No.39 Independent First Nation would like to state that we have no affiliation to the scheduled protest that is to take place on Friday August 9 at the Ontario/Manitoba Border.
    Chief Lewis has spoken to Chief Erwin Redsky of Shoal Lake 40 and Ogichidaa Kavanaugh of GCT3 and they were not consulted regarding the protest.
    Chief & Council
    Iskatewizaagegan No.39 Independent First Nation

  3. Most ridiculous performance by a bunch self – serving, self – absorbed, attention seeking selfish ego maniacs!! It’s always about the money and the many chest thumping, egotistical, holier than thou, superior thinking like Canada has an orchard of money trees and the attitude of “you owe Aboriginals/Siberian” runs rampant!!!

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