People Still Complaining About Amber Alerts


(ONTARIO) – The Ontario AMBER Alert program continues to be an instrumental tool in assisting both the public and police with locating an abducted child who may be in danger.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind the public that calling 911 or any emergency service communication centre is not an appropriate venue to complain about AMBER Alerts.


The decision to utilize the Ontario AMBER Alert is based on established criteria, and is not taken lightly. In 2019, there has been five AMBER Alerts activated. As a direct result of these Alerts, four assisted in the safe return of the child/children and one with the apprehension of a suspect.  The OPP recognizes the inconvenience the Alert may have caused, but will not apologize for using all of the tools available to help locate a child.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) mandated the broadcasting industry to distribute emergency alert messages, which includes AMBER Alerts. As of April 2018, compatible wireless networks (wireless public alerting) were included in this mandate.

The only option to not receive these alerts to a mobile device is to have your device turned off. However, if your device is turned off you will be unable to receive any emergency alert that may contain information of imminent danger in your area.


For more information regarding Canada’s emergency alerting system please visit the Alert Ready website.

Source: OPP


2 Replies to “People Still Complaining About Amber Alerts”

  1. Older phones don’t receive them. And you can also turn off LTE which is what is required to receive them. You can also get a BlackBerry Key2 as you can turn those notifications on or off. Options are there.

  2. I dont mind the concept behind AMBER Alert, what I do mind is being woken up TWICE last night between 3 and 3:30 AM for an amber alert that takes driving over 17hrs away.

    If I lived in New Brunswick, an amber alert in Saint John, only takes 5hrs to get to the farthest part of the province.

    If we get an amber alert from Ottawa and I am in Dryden ON, its 25hrs away, if I go WEST 25hrs puts me in VANCOUVER.

    So Holy crap, everyone in Southern Ontario is so stupid to put out an Amber Alert to the whole province. at 3am? Imagine being in Fort Hope, having your phone go off at 3am. I might as well be getting Amber alerts from Japan.

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