Nipissing Chief Speaks Out About NAN Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler


(ONTARIO) – Chief of Nipissing First Nation has made a public Facebook post regarding what he calls “attacks” that was made on tb news watch last week that he says were made by predominately non-Indigenous people. below is his statement.

“Last week my friend and colleague NAN Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler was attacked on Tbnewswatch by predominantly non-indigenous Thunder Bay residents for voicing his outrage at the treatment a young indigenous female who was strapped to a gurney by TB police officer. She apparently admitted to spitting on a female police officer which was captured on video.


Correct me if I’m wrong but if you are convicted of such an assault or any other assault, is it punishable by being strapped to a gurney and struck repeatedly? Of course not, but this action served up by the TB police officer was also captured on the video. So was Grand Chief overreacting to this incident? Today I woke up to the news of 17-year-old Braiden Jacob and again my heart sank.

Why are there still people arguing whether or not there is a racial problem in Thunder Bay? Sure the details of Braiden’s death are not yet known but you know what is known? From 2000-2018, Jethro Anderson 15 pulled from the Kaministiquia River, Craig Strang 18 found in the McIntyre River, Reggie Bushie 15 pulled from the McIntyre River, Kyle Morriseau 17 found in McIntyre River, Jordan Wabasse 15 pulled from the Kaministiquia River, Stacey Bungee 41 McIntyre River, Christina Gliddly 28 McIntyre River, Tammy Keeash 17 Thunder Bay floodway, Josiah Begg 14 (went missing same night as Tammy Keeash) pulled from the McIntyre River. All Indigenous.

Do you still think Grand Chief was too critical? Do you still think there is no racial problem in Thunder Bay? If so YOU are part of the problem. I stand with Chief Fiddler and am outraged at the lack of concern and effort put out by TB Police, TB citizens and all Canadians who don’t feel this is their problem. Something must change.


My sincerest condolences to the families affected by all of these atrocities.” – Chief of Nipissing First Nation Scott McLeod

Alvin Fiddler responded with “Miigwetch my friend. Your words mean a lot. We will continue to do all we can for our children and youth. If we’re all in this together, we can definitely make positive change. Thanks again.”

Clare Jones responded with “No sorry dont agree. Open your eyes to thunder bay and the several native on native gangs. Be educated before you judge. It is race upon race if you do your research. Is is sad and I wish it would stop but there are so many gangs fighting for status it is going to be a long haul fight”

Joanna-Marie McKay responds with “I said it once I’ll repost it again……Dear: AVIN FIDDLER, You call yourself a leader and yet you do nothing to lead us aboriginal people you pick and choose what you want to argue and taking sides is not a leader by any means. I am so upset with you cause you favour and that isn’t right! Not at all. I hope you see this post I hope you know how your handling this isn’t right by any means you have taken one side and you stand with our people, you are not making anything better you are making a big thing out of nothing essentially. You talk a big talk about leading our people but how you are going about handling all this sends the wrong message. You only choose to stick by our people and refuse to see both parties are in the wrong. Your leading is not right not at all I honestly think you are making things worse by sticking your nose in where it shouldn’t even be. Shame On You”

McKay continues “Alvin Fiddler….. If you wanna call yourself a damn leader…. Start leading OUR aboriginal people Away from addiction & Crime. Instead of addressing small petty s**t.. A Real Leader Would Reconize The Most Important Things Our People Need. That’s what a leader does.”



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  1. How about suggestions as to how to help rather than making those lines in the sand thicker? Finger pointing and letters saying “I am outraged” are great for voicing an opinion but don’t do a thing for helping to solve the problem. How do we start fixing this? What can we do to help? Let’s start thinking in that direction. Haven’t we seen enough anger? I know I have…

    1. Exactly.
      Great chiefs. Sit there and be outraged.
      Those that aren’t looking for big talk and publicity are the ones actually trying to do something about.
      But ya, be outraged in your nice big homes while your people are dying.
      Merry Christmas scum bags.

    2. Perhaps establishing Bear Clan patrols could offer a safety net. CCTV cameras along the river might also be something to consider.

    I agree that the issue are from those who deny.
    I am with you all, a future leader, watching you all be brave, humble and seek truth and justice.
    It is in our hearts, that our cries will long for the change of this struggle.
    We do not intend to fight eachother, we wish gangs had no been made by generations of trauma, and we do not want anymore hurting families by the loss of thier loved ones.
    We want healing, we want respect, we want change, and that’s for ourselves, for others and all of us together.
    It will be a very difficult time, the challenges are consistent, but we are strong, they didnt take the spirit out of the child.
    Meegwetch. Angel D, from PMFN

  3. Well that’s the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. The facts are these kids come here d
    Inserted by NAN like our last fatality with meducal issues a day seeking help for depression. No skills with big city life, good targets for gangs like Indian Possey and others. Only 14-17 years old, no supervision and so vulnerable thinking everyone is a friend who makes them believe them after being from a she,termed reserve.
    Now let’s not count the FN people who have harmed and murdered each other. That list is a long as the day turns to night.
    Ii. Not sure of what is broken but you can’t say it’s A!L racism, not the case
    These poor kids come here vulnerable, get in touch with booze and drugs.
    Who is here to protect these minors – No One
    Recipe for disaster and until NAN takes responsibility too the City can’t protect everyone

    1. time for a high level investigation into NAN by the federal government! Something illegal and rotten happening within.

  4. We search for answers. Come up with solutions. Told some ideas are stupid and people get ridiculed for trying to help because something doesn’t work for them personally such as people crying about their tax dollars. Children are growing up without proper housing medical care and education. We look for answers here in Thunder Bay. Some but not all citizens, don’t want the natives here. The youth are troubled because they feel the discrimination, the hatred towards them. Our chiefs are put down because people feel they are not doing enough. Our city council is put down because people feel they are not doing enough. Our police are put down because people feel they are not doing enough. And then we blame the gang activity because this is where the youth feel safe. Stop the words back and forth and just do something together that makes our community feel like one. Get on board and discuss what works for our youth. Stop making it about money cause the money is there. Spend it on our youth for housing medical and education. And if my statement doesn’t sound as educated. I don’t need to be ridiculed. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your inclusive comment. You referred to all youth as ours. That attitude is one everyone should possess. That alone makes a world of difference

  5. So funny another overpaid self involved First Nations leader coming to the rescue of another! Why not spend the time helping our people and our youth rather than waiting time protecting each other’s complete lack of duty to the people you serve and represent. Get out and walk the streets, alleys and support your people. These children that died ,all died because of neglect by the very people now yelling at the government, police, and any other group they can finger point at to avoid the real truth. Our indigenous leader are too busy lijingvtheir own pockets ,attending conferences and living of the backs of the very people they are suppose to protect. Fix this accountability issue and we start to fix ourselves.

    Scott, clean up the thug looking Facebook page it only serves to stereotype indigenous people further as thugs and criminals

    Stop pointing the finger at the faceless society for all the problems our people’s face

    1. Bubba yesterday I went down to the Victoria Inn not knowing any of these people and I signed up to volunteer as a driver. I received a text asking for boxes or totes for shipping back to the reserve. A big shout out to Ray and Donna for giving me nice sturdy strong shipping boxes with handles for free. I helped for about 1 1/2 hrs and came home and because I suffer from severe chronic pain I’ve been in bed since then. The family were so overwhelmed with boxes many shook my hand and were so grateful. We all can help even if it’s just a little.

    2. Loops – I donated $50 to the family through the “Go Fund me account” . I helped too.
      As much as we tend to disagree with each other (even though I’m always right), I hope you’re not in too much discomfort.

    3. I like that you helped. Mo money mo money. Doesn’t it feel good to be part of the solution. (I’m right). Lol. No matter what some people say about you. I know your not a complete asshole. There’s love in your heart too.

  6. Honestly I almost gave up reading this when I saw this misrepresented facts that the assault on the police officer resulted in the victim being strapped helplessly to the gurney and struck repeatedly. Did you even watch the video? She was already on the gurney and was slapped once, not repeatedly.
    Something everyone can agree on is the issue that something tragic is going on with the indigenous youth. And yes there is a very strong native gang presence in Thunder Bay and a long history of substance abuse that is widespread. It isn’t safe and it’s not a joke. It is also not an issue of racism either. Most (not all) violence against natives is instigated by natives. There is a real problem and Thunder Bay is receiving a very bad reputation and nothing seems to be improving either. It is easy to speak out and blame a cop for their behaviour in a situation really they shouldn’t have to be dealing with in the first place. Lots of comments are correct. Leadership is needed. We need help in Thinder Bay and surrounding NAN areas to work together with all levels of the government to make sure that safety becomes everyone’s number one priority. We can solve these problems if we all work together. But I can’t see that happening when NAN jumps to racism against non indigenous because of prior white crimes of land grabbing and residential schools. Yes that was horrific and never ever should have happened. But for anyone to move forward we have to forgive (not forget) and move towards a future where our young people are able to grow into adults

  7. You call yourselves chiefs! You are nothing but paycheck collectors who sit back and point fingers! Maybe it’s time to start looking at the real problems instead of blaming everyone else!

  8. Let’s hold the female cop accountable for taking the law into her own hands – being and encouraging vigilantism and anarchy. Cops are to be held to a higher standard. This cop ought to have added the charge of ‘assault police’, submitted a report, and let the Crown Attorney process the suspect. That’s what should have been done. The cop not only breached protocol/training, and tarnished the little-remainder reputation of her employer, the Thunder Bay Police Service, but also brought policing/administration of justice to disrepute. This incident also exposes the mindset of this particular employee – that it is ‘normal’ to assault a restrained youth suspect. What is even more appalling that this occurred when her employer is under scrutiny by a provincial body for issue of systemic racism. It is indeed shameful that some local residents continue to unconditionally support the cop in this unfortunate incident – contributing even more to the low quality of life, as well adding weight that this city continues to be the Hate Crime Capital of Canada, as well being the most unsafe city for Indigenous peoples on Earth. Shameful.

  9. 17yr old, drunk and disorderly. Ambulance called cause she was unresponsive after falling down stairs. Does the video show this? Not by any means. Does anyone mention the fact that she was a minor being supplied alcohol by others, older people. No charges for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. How about we all sit down and figure out “What the hell can we do to prevent this”. I am on the middle of the fence here. There are two sides to blame here. One side, the people who fed this young girl the booze along with the elders who are still pissin and moaning about the past. As long as you keep jumping back you will never heal. It’s time to move forward. The grand chief only comes out of hiding when there is an injustice done. You don’t see or hear his name fighting for your rights in the news. He sits back and waits, hollers”Injustice” when something happens. As for the police officer, Yes, she stepped over and beyond. Was she having a bad day, how many times were there incidents in the past that this had happened. Was she frustrated and angry at seeing such a young lady in this shape that she felt a slap could be a wake up call. We don’ t know but I feel that other means could have been used. I am so tired at the fingers pointing in every direction except back at those who point them. You and only you can change things for yourself and others. Step up chiefs and elders. Teach your youth about the world beyond so they don’t suffer from Culture shock when they come off the reserve. Too many, too young have paid from this. Also the people of Thunder Bay should welcome the new youth not neglect or reject them. Stereotyping them is not the answer. They are young, vibrant wanting to learn but also scared and confused because of the culture change. We all need to be more open and caring.

  10. Hey, Chief XXXX of XXXXX .. yup, that applies to all Chiefs and anyone else that chooses to identify as a first nations person.

    If you want to know the real cause of racism, and why it exists Ill tell you, but first you need to clear your minds.

    are you ready?? Here it is: The reason racism exists is because YOU choose to identify yourselves by RACE. That’s right, because you choose to single yourself out solely by race and race alone, you will then be subjected to racism. You collectively act and ask for special treatment or consideration based purely on your race.

    and you wonder what the cause of racism is?? YOU are the cause. When you join the rest of us as just plain old Canadians, born here or not, then your racism problems will go away. Until then all you can expect is for things to get worse for you.

    Youre welcome, now go forth and become part of the cure.

    1. The real reason is because we have drugs on the street. The chief of police need to get rid of the gang problem. The drug problem and crime will go down. We have a great health care but our workers and EMS are overworked and stressed dealing with the mental health and drug user and alcohol issues. Our Mayor and council need to work better with the chiefs and build healthier relationships. This is where the racism begins. Put your money on our youth programs. Make our streets safe again. We need to take care of one another. We need better housing arrangements for native students and those visiting for medical and this includes better supervision. Everyone do your job we all have a responsibility here to invest in a better Thunder Bay. We can better if you just sat down and talked about the issues it’s your responsibility. It’s our right that you do your jobs.

    2. I wouldnt say that this is the *only* cause of racism, because Im sure if we were to be quite frank, we could admit that there are indeed some true “racists” among us. We could possibly stereotype them into a small portion of the 60+’ers with a limited education and/or world view background and then a small portion of a younger set that have not reached an age of mental maturity.
      That being said, what you post is truth and I think that the rest of us keep wishing for the day when this continued insanity can come to a close. Unfortunately, this would also dry up a large trough that many currently feed from.

  11. This is one of the most archaic,cruel situations we are facing in Canada and right in our own back door. We lost our land & mineral rights for the sake of the greedy settlers that took over our territory. To this day they (non Natives) are still not satisfied they keep wanting more. An Aboriginal person cannot even be accepted as a neighbor in the city, There is so much hatred, hostility, animosity and racial prejudices in Thunder Bay. Native people are looked on as second class citizens, the only thing they like is our money for our purchases with all the merchants.
    The Chiefs in the North are capable citizens, elected by the voters, and based on their capabilities, they are well versed in the Indian Act and political issues. Be they local or decisions made at the parliament level, it affects citizens it the reserve level. Many a Chief has been affected by the deaths in Thunder Bay, why? because each community is a like a Family, people care and help one another. It is their responsibility to help find and resolve the too many youth deaths in Thunder Bay. I personally stand by the Chiefs because I KNOW what life is like in the North, chiefs have the biggest responsibility, and that goes for chiefs in every Canadian Indian Reserve.
    It is very indicative that the Police force is not very effective, they have an “I don’t care attitude” when it involves a First Nation person. They are the ones that are getting paid for not doing their job. The whole police force is lax and they probably have a good laugh whenever a case goes unresolved. What a SHAME! May the Creator be the Judge after.
    My parents always said and they warned us, Non Natives do not care for Indians, they will do anything even kill them.

    1. You may not see it, Georgina, but how you feel is an example of the unfortunate result of leadership by those who are “well versed in the Indian Act and political issues”.
      There is a saying – When all a person has is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.

    2. Such racist remarks. You need to come out of the 17 century and face the today’s reality. Yes greedy ,you forgot white, settlers is a typical raciat rant. Your ante message should be removed along with your narrow hate filled messages.

      Greedy white settlers and non natives did not send this young man to thunder bay to be unsupervised and LEFT to find the many troubles that face our youth today. The ones responsible are the ones who sent him to TB and profited from this.

      The ones that are yelling the most at our governments, police and society are the ones who are responsible to the young man .

      Shame on any organization that is suppose to protect or educate our youth and abandons them.

    3. Bubba I hate to say this. Haha You are absolutely right. Then again. The mocking of Native issues is felt by Natives and I’m sure by non natives too. Now let’s just refer to people as just people no race or colour. The police here have cleaned up the black gangs Now let’s see them clean up the brown gangs. The gang activity is growing and why someone may ask? Drugs. And then where do the drugs come from? Not the reserves. People are people in ThunderBay throwing out racial slurs or mocking cultures. Natives Gangs are a problem and we let them do what they whatever they please. The police need to do a shake down.

    4. More like natives are killing natives isn’t it Georgina? Why are you so racist against white people, we aren’t the problem. You are the reason native people can’t move forward, always blaming whitey for your problems. SHAME on you Georgina!!!

  12. Idubyan , your comment about the tarnished reputation of the TBPS is about as idiotic as the rest of your comment. The force has to deal with all kinds of crap every day. Try to imagine a Thunder Bay without police. There would be bodies all over the place and who would you blame then. And to GeorginaNawegahbo. You say Non natives will kill Indians. It seems to be a trend that Indians as you call them have been killing each other.

  13. Interesting read……THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE
    An Argument for the Abolition of the Indian Reserve System and Special Race-based Laws and Entitlements for Canada’s Indians.. Peter Best, lawyer, Sudbury.

  14. Just looking at McLeod’s face you can see the hate inside him. All the $$ toys in the photo background he bought with band $$ while his people have little. Then he writes and all the hate comes out, racist to the core and spreading it. Chiefs are more like mobsters than leaders today. Time for a Crown investigation into all of them.

  15. I`m a native man and this is just my opinion and what I`ve experienced in my life. I`m a recovered alcoholic and drug addict and when I was using I experienced racism alot. I got clean a long time ago and have stayed cleaned. I work and go to school and have custody of most of my children and pay child support for my one child I don`t have custody of. And since I`ve gotten sober I have rarely, almost never experienced racism and the only time I have is mostly at the TBRHSC from doctors. I have many experiences and dealings with the TBPS because of my chosen profession now and in the past and I have never seen this mistreatment or racism or lack of care from the TBPS regarding native people, actually what I have seen is understanding, consideration, leniency and alot of patience.
    Since I have gotten sober I have had many professions and this has given me the opportunity to work with many different cultures, from here and overseas. And what I have seen is our people are the most racist people I have ever encountered. Not only do native people discriminate against other cultures but they do it to our own people.
    You go to almost any of our communities and alcohol, drug addiction or suicide is a HUGE issue, there are others but not as big as these issues.
    Our people have been given so much over residential school, land claims, treaties. Now our people have this sense of entitlement, that because there native there suppose to get it for free and when they don`t get there way it`s racism. Also now we as a people blame everything and anyone for OUR problems.
    One fact is true alot of our people have died here in TBay and it`s not going to change. It`s not a serial killer, police, white government killing our people it`s us.
    Allow me to explain, I`m an alcoholic, if I was still using by my action my children would learn to be alcoholics when they see my behavior and how I cope and deal with things in life. And they in turn would teach there children and there children`s children would teach them these unhealthy life skills and it would continue until the cycle was broken. I have gotten clean and sober and MOVED my children away from our family because i want them to be healthy productive adults and I don`t want them to have the life I had to live. In other words I moved away from my community. Our problem as a people is we have unhealthy minds, we don`t cope and deal the way we are suppose to. I think a possible solution or something that could help is if our chiefs thought about sending counselors or teams of them to our communities to teach our people healthy coping skills, ways of thinking and teaching spirituality. If our people knew the meaning of spirituality we wouldn`t be hurting others and each other and pointing fingers we would be working together to look for solutions. With the police, working with the government, city and our northern communities. In recent years all we have done as a people and i mean ALL PEOPLE white, brown any color, all we`ve done is fuel this hatred in our city, by drawing lines, claiming it`s because of race. When we bring someone from a northern community we need a better system to house and care, counsel our youth, the one in place is obviously not working, I ask why has this never changed? Why do we keep doing the same things over and over and the same way expecting different results?
    A word to our chiefs, the only time I`ve ever heard from you guys is when something bad happens, why? How many communities don`t have clean drinking water? How many communities have a high suicide rate? How many communities have a high rate of drug and alcohol addiction? High rate of crime and assault? What are you doing about these issues that have been there for the last 40 years???????????
    A word to our mayor and city, we have alot of people in our city suffering from drug and alcohol addictions and coming in from other communities which adds to our problem. You go to emerge any night of the week and it`s full of people going through some sort of withdrawl or some sort of injury alcohol or drug related incident. Why doesn`t the city open up a serious detox centre, facility that deals with addictions, counselling,after care, education? It would produce more jobs and better our community. I`m not saying this is native people it`s all people addicition doesn`t discriminate like people do.
    A word to the police, what ever happened to walking a beat? Maybe start in victoria ville and other areas that have a high incident rate. I know your more than likely understaffed but our mayor should look into this.
    For native people somewhere in the last 30 or 40 years we have lost our way, lost who we were. I grew up and back then there was racism, alot more than there is now and it was open racism, but we stood proud and reacted in a respectful way and when we did earned respest from the people who didn`t like us. Now we lash out in anger rage, blaming.
    Native children are not the only ones dying on our streets, the people that hate native people there children are dying to. Our citys problem is addiction, parents teach there kids and they in turn teach there kids, it`s a cycle so you have generations of families with unhealthy coping skills and this spreads like a virus because other people from different families see it and becomes okay at first then becomes normal. And sadly a majority of our native youth and adults that come from surrounding communities already suffer from unhealthy life skills, which leads to issues with the police, illness and homelessness.
    I guess what I`m trying to say is a majority of our problems in this city is addiction related, not racism. And I also understand that not all our people from the north have these issues and when they come here they encounter so much that they have never experienced and this leads to tragic outcomes at times. We need to stop feeding this hatred on social media it`s a part of the problem not the solution.
    If our chiefs are serious about putting a stop to the deaths of our people, pick up the phone call the city, call the police and ask how you can work together to stop this, what do you need from each other. Ask the police what kind of situations they encounter, what can you do to help?
    The city and police need to pick up a phone and ask chiefs and the surrounding communities, your sending students here? What can we do to help?
    For the people that house and care for these kids, what your not doing is not working it needs to change. I AM NOT BLAMING YOU OR ANYONE THAT CARES FOR THESE YOUTH. if you have a employer or organization, ask for change, other ideas, suggestions.
    We talk about our city and all we`ve done is divide it, all people need to stop blaming, pointing fingers regardless of race and work together, it`s our only hope.
    if I`ve offended anyone I`m sorry it was not my intention, i`m not trying to blame ANYONE FOR ANYTHING. All I know we need to pull together as a city, community and make changes for our city, our people and for ourselves.

    1. High five for getting clean and sober and being a better parent for your children. My admiration for your hard work to make a better life does not go unnoticed. Thank you for sharing.

    2. Very good comment/statement. It seems you really have put your finger on it. I believe you are correct in many way but I disagree a fair bit with your solution, just in principle though. I don’t think the answer is more detox centers or government involvement, that only creates a soft pillow to land on and you cant hit rock bottom if people keep throwing pillows under you every time you fall. That creates an expectation. That only demands more coddling and promotes poor behaviour, in fact its just quite simply “enabling”.

      I believe the sooner people learn to stand on their own two feet the better off they will be. Holding them up all the time only provides excuses and ensures more attempts to fail, and fail on a greater scale.

      Congratulations on getting sober and breaking that cycle for your children. That’s heartwarming!

    3. You have broken a cycle and given your children the gift of a future.
      I raise my coffee cup to you !
      We really do need to start focusing on our similarities as citizens and Canadians, and not on our differences based on race. Only then, and with the help of broken cycles like you created, will the children start to feel like part of society.

  16. Hey, chief Nipissing how do you know it was predominately non-indigenous people attacking Alvin? Did you get a listing from TB Newswatch? No, you didn’t you racist! FYI, I’ll bet a lot of indigenous people don’t care for him as he is pretty much useless, probably don’t care much for you either!

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