Lifelabs Gets Hacked – 15m People Potentially Compromised


(ONTARIO) – Lifelabs, Canada’s largest diagnostic, naturopathic and genetic testing provider has stated that their computer systems have been hacked. Approximately 15 million people could be impacted. The statement was made on their website where they say it was discovered through “proactive surveillance”.

Lifelabs has three locations in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

An investigation has been started by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.

Below is the statement released by President and CEO of LifeLabs.

To our customers:

Through proactive surveillance, LifeLabs recently identified a cyber-attack that involved unauthorized access to our computer systems with customer information that could include name, address, email, login, passwords, date of birth, health card number and lab test results.

Personally, I want to say I am sorry that this happened. As we manage through this issue, my team and I remain focused on the best interests of our customers. You entrust us with important health information, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We have taken several measures to protect our customer information including:

  • Immediately engaging with world-class cyber security experts to isolate and secure the affected systems and determine the scope of the breach;
  • Further strengthening our systems to deter future incidents;
  • Retrieving the data by making a payment. We did this in collaboration with experts familiar with cyber-attacks and negotiations with cyber criminals;
  • Engaging with law enforcement, who are currently investigating the matter; and
  • Offering cyber security protection services to our customers, such as identity theft and fraud protection insurance.

I want to emphasize that at this time, our cyber security firms have advised that the risk to our customers in connection with this cyber-attack is low and that they have not seen any public disclosure of customer data as part of their investigations, including monitoring of the dark web and other online locations.


We have fixed the system issues related to the criminal activity and worked around the clock to put in place additional safeguards to protect your information. In the interest of transparency and as required by privacy regulations, we are making this announcement to notify all customers. There is information relating to approximately 15 million customers on the computer systems that were potentially accessed in this breach. The vast majority of these customers are in B.C. and Ontario, with relatively few customers in other locations. In the case of lab test results, our investigations to date of these systems indicate that there are 85,000 impacted customers from 2016 or earlier located in Ontario; we will be working to notify these customers directly. Our investigation to date indicates any instance of health card information was from 2016 or earlier.

While you are entitled to file a complaint with the privacy commissioners, we have already notified them of this breach and they are investigating the matter. We have also notified our government partners.

While we’ve been taking steps over the last several years to strengthen our cyber defenses, this has served as a reminder that we need to stay ahead of cybercrime which has become a pervasive issue around the world in all sectors.


Any customer who is concerned about this incident can receive one free year of protection that includes dark web monitoring and identity theft insurance.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Brown

President and CEO


9 Replies to “Lifelabs Gets Hacked – 15m People Potentially Compromised”

  1. People should be able to sue companies who are too greedy/lazy/dont give a crap about spending the time/effort/money to do things the right way and the safe way FROM THE BEGINNING

  2. Pretty sure the govt will be coming down hard on Lifelabs and rightly so. After all, they’re a legitimate business closely tied to the Canadian health system. Chances are the breach has likely created them some grief as well.

    1. I don’t think the government will do shit, as they are just as bad, think about it, if the government had a policy in place for heath care system and operator to safe Gard to have in place before they can even open the doors this would never happen, so they are just as bad, all come down to the millions they make, same as tbaytel, there profits are in the millions but there service is the worst in the country, yet they charge like hell f+o+r service, shit you get just out side the city and you have no cell service, no wires for high speed internet, here we are 2020 and party lines are still around

  3. Very unfortunate event. Unfortunately, this is typical of Thunder Bay. Lawyers, accountants, and doctors don’t have anything in place to protect clients. IT infrastructure is 20 years old and most of the low-tech IT companies are reassuring their clients that they are safe. Utterly disrespectful to people maybe wanting to keep extremely private information private. $$$

  4. Have to wonder why they have become pro active after the fact. They should have and could have had a more secure system in place. Kind of closing the barn door after the left!

  5. I have a long history with life labs, as I am in there every 12 weeks and sometimes even more, we should be able to sue them, as it may not come and bit us today, but 5 years from now, whats going to happen with all my info since they have tons on me dating well before 2006 and to date, this is why, every time they ask me if I want to see my results on line, I tell them no. they push for me to book online, I tell them no, this is totally uncalled for, there are programs that even pay out if you get hacked, the problem is on life labs being totally cheap and not having the safe gards in place, with today tech there should never be any of this, the fact is the old mitty dollar, they don’t want to spend, just look at there service over the past 5 years, the lab in the port Arthur clinic alone, It didn’t mater what time you went, the place was backed up for hours, then they close for lunch, now the operating hours there have been cut to open only until 11am I think it was or 1pm. witch has really backed up there other office, not only that, us in a small fixed income, have to not only pay to get out of the parking lot at the clinic, but pay again at the other life labs office, and for me that 4$ over the month adds up to a lot, 3 days meals, they say the thunder bay police are investigating, hell what good are they, I have had a fraud case open with them since Aug, 2006 and being there is only one guy that looks after fraud cases, nothing has been done, no arrest has even been made, when I call to find out what is going on, as I am out $10,000 from fuad, I am told he been really busy but he will get to it,, my ass,

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