Kasper Transportation Makes COVID-19 Statement


(ONTARIO) – Below is a statement released by Kasper Transportation regarding their operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Customers,

We need your help in making the service safe during covid19 pandamic!


We have been instructed to stay open by Ministry of Transportation as an essential service because our buses are still required during these times. That may prove to be more tricky to do then it sounds because we do not receive any subsidized financial help at this time.

We have been given the green light to modify our schedules and vehicle size to accommodate reduced traffic. We will do our best to accommodate and keep going.

Our plan is to make this work as traffic demand becomes lower as per following, subjected to change.


Phase 1:

A. We will reduce the size of our vehicles to accommodate lower traffic demand temporarily. Some traffic may be as low ad 1 to 2 passengers. We will use our Minivans more frequently to reduce our costs of operations.

B. Our office will have modified hours to allow us to cut labour costs during quiet times during the day.

C. We will reduce schedule to less then 7 days per week. We will change the schedule over the next few days as we evaluate the routes to best accommodate required traffic without adding extra financial loss.

B. Cash is accepted but no change is offered, must have exact change or round up to highest number.

Phase 2:


A. We will operate low demand routes only if we have booked tickets before 9 pm the day before. This will apply most likely to Fort Frances Route, maybe other ones too.

B. All customers must call us the day before before 9 pm so we can make arrangements for our drivers on those on demand routes until traffic numbers return.

Other factors and requirements.

No sick passengers. Must be healthy beacuse we are checking for fevers and sympthoms with our contactless thermometers and visual essesments like a dry cough.


Please be coperative with our drivers. They are working during wearisome times to make sure essential travel options are still available.


Please do not travel with us if you have reasons to believe or have been in contact with anyone who maybe sick with covid19 or any serious flu.

We are moving packages and supplies to make sure you get what you need.

More updates to come. Please support local businesses as much as possible, even us with as little as shipping packages. All business helps to cover the costs for us.


We will keep our customers update to date on our facebook page and booking system and website.

It is necessary for us all to do what is necessary to flattern the curve of the virus spread. So far we have been lucky to have only one case in the region. That may change. Take this seriously please! So we all cam start the recovery back to normal. It will take time. The fianancial damages that will be caused by this will be catastrophic to many businesses. No one planned for this to have the world shut down for even 2 weeks if not much more. We are here to help with that, and hopefully we can be part of the recovery efforts.

Our services will be open to goverment efforts to deal with this pandemic at any time. We are willing to work with anyone who needs help to get through these times. Special arrangements might have to be made. Please call us if you need our Shop and Ship option for our parcel service.


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