Kasper Transportation Grows Deeper into Southern Ontario


(ONTARIO) – Thunder Bay’s local small business bus service company Kasper Transportation has announced they are expanding service deeper into southern Ontario.

Their media release is below:


Bus Service for Owen Sound-Guelph begins January 15, 2020.

Kasper Transportation announced today final details on its bus service between Owen Sound and Guelph to begin January 15, 2020.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the support that we have received to restore service along the Owen
Sound – Guelph corridor.” says Operations Manager for Kasper Transportation Owen Sound, Greg


“We’ll be running two times a day with the first run from Owen Sound City Transit at 8:00 am
arriving in Guelph Transit at 10:30 pm. Complete details of scheduling and pricing are available on the
Gokasper.com website or on the Kasper Transportation Facebook page.

“I’m excited to see this new route go into operation. We’ve successfully applied and hold the only
license for this route and have focused on implementing service as safely and quickly as we can. I have
every confidence in our Owen Sound organization led by Greg Macivor. As a native of Owen Sound and
with 17 years of Coach Driving Management we could not have found a better person.” Kasper
Wabinski, President Kasper Transportation.

Kasper provides routes from Winnipeg through to Thunder Bay, and east to Guelph. They also have service to Fort Frances, Sioux Lookout and many more small communities in our region.

Check out this link for more information Kasper Details




2 Replies to “Kasper Transportation Grows Deeper into Southern Ontario”

  1. People are lucky to have had this man and his company step up as they are able.
    Ppl know, neither the provincial nor federal govt give a rat’s a** about public transportation outside of the GTA- and ppl of the North who will never set foot in that area , are paying with their taxes to fund the hard done-by whiners of the centre of the universe- tranna et al

    1. Ever hear of the term supply and demand? Yes on one hand it is great that he offers this service, but keep in mind he probably has no competition.

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