HIGHWAY BLOCKADE: Round Dance Friday


(INDIGENOUS) – A group of Indigenous people are organizing 7 round dances on the Trans Canada Highway at the border of Ontario and Manitoba in honour of the next 7 generations.
The round dance is expected to start on Friday August 9th, 2019 at 5:30 pm central time, which is 6:30pm Thunder Bay time. Below are some statements released by an organizer.
”On Friday @ 530 pm we will be hosting our first border round dance!!!! We will smudge the area and dance on the highway. We will be hosting 7 round dances in honour of the next 7 generations. #endTheBlockadeOnFirstNationEconomies “
”Today we found out the Province has used stalling tactics to slow down our project to rebuild the shelves and restore the Netley Libau Marsh, basically the kidneys of Lake Winnipeg. Here are some pics from last year when we took a tour of the Marsh. #saveLakeWinnipeg “

“144 years ago the minds and hearts of our people came together to allow access to the territory. A sacred covenant was signed that we now call a treaty. In Southern Manitoba the territories are Treaty 1-5 with unresolved recognition for the Dakotas. #weAreStillWaiting
20 years ago Long Plain signed a TLE agreement. Since that time many others have signed similar TLE agreements. Much of that land has not been converted back to our control. #weAreStillWaiting
Indigenous People have the lowest life expectancy. Lowest Educational Outcomes. Lowest level of incomes. Highest rates of incarceration. 90% of children in care are ours. In the mean time our resources and lands are being stolen but we have been promised we will have what’s owed to us “someday” #weAreStillWaiting
We shut down a highway for a couple hours and people wanna threaten our lives. Suggesting that they will drive their trucks through. Because they have to wait “TWO HOURS”, it’s amazing the monster that resides in these peoples minds. We are deeply sorry to have inconvenienced people. #youCanWait “
”Optics and Illusion.
We met with the province. Zero action from them except a statement saying they met with us. Now they go around saying their working with us when nothing is happening. They called it “a new approach”.
Minister Eileen Clark said it over and over again that she will make sure we are heard and treated differently. Nothing happened that showed that we are being treated differently. I stopped meeting with her except for the fact she would come to every other Minister meeting. I am not sure what for because nothing ever came of it from what I saw.
Province is digging into the pockets of our communities and no one is saying anything about it. Where’s Eileen Clark? Where is any of these Progressive Conservatives? Just call them Republicans already cause that’s what they really are. Not a shred of sincerity when it comes to dealing with First Nations.
As for our round dance. We will be letting people through. We just want to let people know what’s happening. This is the first of many round dances and as time goes on we will be more and more unwilling to move out of the way.”
Please show support if you are passing through the area and listen to the people as they inform the public about what is going on.


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  1. This should never be allowed. This is the friggen Trans Canada Highway , a major Canadian route. I know for a fact, 110% sure that if a bunch of non aboriginals tried to do this the police would be dragging us off to jail as soon as they could. I am hoping there will no favouritism and equality between race will be shown and thi WILL be stopped and arrests will be made.

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