VIDEO – Highway 17 Dangerous Near Head On Crash


(UPSALA, ON) – Upsala is located about 144 kilometers west of Thunder Bay, down Highway 17 which is also known as the Trans-Canada Highway.

In a video submitted to us by an avid reader/follower, it can be seen what kind of dangerous crap happens on the roads that drivers have to contend with.


The non-divided highway has some of the highest rates surrounding fatal collisions in the province.

The video shows a cube-van attempting to pass a transport but appearing not to have enough jam to get it done quick enough before oncoming traffic comes. This incident unfolded near Upsala.

Traffic can be seen driving along the shoulders of the highway and off the pavement to avoid a head on collision.


There was a convoy of cube vans barrelling down highway 17 during the day, which can be considered very unsafe and may be illegal in some situations. Police have been made aware of the incident and have been supplied with the video. At least three people have contacted police about the incident. We have not been able to confirm if police have laid any charges at this point. We are waiting to hear back from the OPP.

TDS Logistics is the name of the company branded on the vehicles. Google says their office is based out of Woodbridge, Ontario. You can reach them at 647-530-5680.

Below is the video:


15 Replies to “VIDEO – Highway 17 Dangerous Near Head On Crash”

  1. Hope this guy was turned in and stopped by OPP. Probably high on something. Or maybe just plain too stupid to be in charge of a vehicle..

  2. This is why the shoulders on our highways need to be paved. The MTO needs to build continuous sets of passing lanes on Hwy17 and ideally, make the road a 4-lane divided highway.

  3. Thanks to the professionalism of the truck drivers that nobody died. People have to be patient… especially in areas of highways like these!

  4. The driver being passed should be charged.
    At one time us truck drivers had the courtesy to slow down slightly to help the passing truck get around.
    There is no professionalism out there any more.

  5. You think that is scary? With all the drugs here, how about the number of crackheads behind the wheel in this city at any given time. Just a matter of time before some innocent person is killed because of one of them. Those incidents near the elementary schools, one on Clarkson and one on Huron kids were on their way to school are a miracle some kid didnt get killed.

  6. This is a provincial problem ontario has the worst hwy enforcement ive seen in all the years ive been over the road stop beating around the bush and blaming everyone if we had enforcement on our provincial roads this would have been nipped in the butt

  7. I’ve driven Highway 17 (Trans Canada 🇨🇦 Highway) many times in N.W. Ontario which according to some is extremely dangerous! Most accidents occur due to the drivers not obeying road signs and the conditions of the road, snow ❄️, slippery when wet, speed limit, etc. The highway approximately 10 miles east of Golden, B.C. is much more difficult to navigate!

  8. This is happenning why to many times… They alowed anybody to drive those big truck… ”Anybody”… Some of them even build ”Toilette” in their cargo sot they don’t have to stop in Truck Stop to use a proper Toilette… and these improvise ”Toilette”, is flush DIRECTLY on our roads…………… YES… real case in White River area where the tool truck was call to bring back a transport to the Garage, to find out it was full of SHIT all under it… DISCUSTING…… So went are they going to be me strick… on top of that… this situation on this artical happen on a nonpassing zone…

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