VIDEO: A Dog Eat Dog World


(NORTHERN ONTARIO) – A wild video illustrating a pack of dogs attacking another dog on a remote northern road has hit our news desk.

This is your trigger warning. If you often complain about stuff you see on the internet, you should probably close this article right now.


The video was submitted into our tip line and was taken by Roy Meekis.

Its uncertain what happened before the video started rolling.

Residents in the surrounding area are claiming that these dogs are overbred and run wild. They form packs and become aggressive, almost returning to their ancestral roots of the way of the Wolf.


Below is the video.


5 Replies to “VIDEO: A Dog Eat Dog World”

  1. If they had any brains, they’d haul out the hardware and start culling them. Only a matter of time before another child is killed by feral dogs.

    It’s amazing that people claiming to be keepers of the land allow these dogs to breed out of control. Their impact on local game will be substantial until the wolves take them out.

  2. Having a dog carries a huge responsibility. There should be limits on the number of dogs allowed in those remote communities and massive fines for allowing any dogs to roam wild there. Better yet no dogs should be allowed because too many of the people do not even have adequate food for themselves never mind the dogs. It is just a matter of time before another human is attacked and killed by these menace dogs. A little kid in a remote community in Sask or Manitoba was attacked and killed not that long ago by a pack of dogs.. Too often other cities get shafted with the bill to deal with these over populated dogs because of irresponsible behavior.

  3. Dog should be banned in these Northern areas. They run loose and are not spayed or neutered so puppies are all too common. Inbreeding is common. They is a steady flow of puppies coming from Northern communities taxing local rescues Not allowing dogs would put an end to this

  4. Jesus Christ!! I hope to hell someone got a rifle and shot that poor dog to end it’s suffering. Then they need to go through the rez and shoot many more like this pack! And yes, I am a dog lover and hate to see dogs killed, but these dogs are pretty much feral and are clearly a danger to people, and especially children!

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