Uttering Death Threats Regarding 8 Month Old Infant


(NORTHERN ONTARIO) – In a rare move, the name of the accused is going to be censored in order to protect the identity of the child regarding this case. Typically, we choose to rather not report than to censor, but this matter is of public interest.
Allegations are that a father of an 8 month old infant was in care of his child in a remote First Nation community some time after he was alleged to have assaulted the mother of his infant in a different remote First Nation community. The father was ordered via his bail conditions not to be in contact with the mother.
Around 3:05 am on Friday, the father started sending Facebook messages to the mother of his infant, who is a different First Nation community than him. The messages indicated that he was going to harm himself and cause death to the 8 month old infant.
Police were called who teamed up with Tikinagan Child & Family Services who immediately went to the home of the father to ensure the child was safety. Once the child was deemed safe, the police investigated the Facebook messages and determined the father was in violation of his bail conditions by contacting the mother of the child who he is alleged to have assaulted not long ago.
The child was placed in the care of the fathers parents while he was arrested and detained at the police station. He was held pending his bail appearance this morning. He appeared in court via telephone call in a Thunder Bay courtroom. His Worship, Justice of the Peace Donio was presiding along with Crown Attorney Andrew Sadler and duty counsel lawyer Attatise.
The father is facing two new charges, one of breaching his bail conditions by contacting the mother of the 8 month old, and one of uttering threats to cause death to the 8 month old. His previous charge of assault on the mother is also noted.
The Crown is willing to consent to the release of the father today, on the following conditions:

  • $200 non deposit recognizance of bail.
  • No contact with the mother.
  • No contact with the 8 month old.

Justice of the Peace Donio asks if the accused lives with his parents, who are now in care of the 8 month old. The accused tells the court that yes, he lives with his parents. This complicates the situation for granting him release today. The accused is asked if he has another address he can provide to the court where he can live that isn’t his parents home. He said he has nobody in mind.
Lengthy discussions happen between the Crown, the JP and duty counsel regarding how they can craft his release in a manner that keeps the infant and mother safe while not putting the accused in a situation in which he can be breaching his bail conditions.
Crown Attorney Andrew Sadler suggests a condition that the condition read “reside not in the same home as the child unless authorized by Tikinagan. The Justice of the Peace and duty counsel appear to give this suggestion the nod. Justice of the Peace Donio adds in that when the father finds a residence to live in, that he must notify NAPS of his address.
The Crown speaks up and wants it put on the record that the father has an outstanding warrant out of Thunder Bay which needs to be addressed and urges the man to handle those matters. He tells the man that he is not going to ask him to be held in custody on these matters today, but should he be arrested again, it may be different.
The father is released back into the First Nation community in which he was arrested in on Friday morning. He has a scheduled court appearance in early October to begin answering to the charges.
The arrest wasn’t treaty three. I just put that in the picture because I don’t have a NAPS photo.


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  1. A low life threatens to kill an 8 month old child while in a position of trust. Assaults 2 police officers and the given; breaches his bail.
    And these fricken clowns feel that as long as he drops 200 hook he should be allowed out on the streets because that will make him feel remorse.
    These sh!t for brains judges need to wake the eff up.
    Just as bad as the pieces of sh!t they let walk everyday.

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