“United We Roll” Traffic Delays Expected on Area Highways.


(NORTHERN ONTARIO) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is warning motorists to be aware of potential traffic delays in the coming days. A convoy of transport trucks calling their event the “United We Roll Truck Convoy” is expected to travel through the province beginning Feb. 16 with a destination of Ottawa on Feb. 18, 2019.

In Thunder Bay, people will be gathering on the Hodder Ave bridge that crosses over Highway 11/17 shortly before 1:00 pm to show support.


Protest activities may periodically delay or interrupt the normal flow of traffic on area highways and arterial roads. The OPP is working with those involved to minimize the impact on the traveling public and to ensure order and public safety.

The OPP’s objective is to maintain the safe flow of traffic and, when delays occur, restore traffic flow in the safest manner possible.

Motorists should check in advance for road advisory information and monitor local media and OPP social media for the latest updates. The OPP appreciates everyone’s cooperation and patience during these occurrences.


Below are estimated times for the convoys northwest Ontario’s arrivals.


By Jake Kesey – Good Morning Thunder Bay,

We got a little convoy, rocking through the night, yeah we got a little convoy ain’t she a beautiful sight?

That Convoy to Ottawa I was telling ya’ll about for the past few months has now begun its journey. From all over Western Canada trucks are rolling, converging and setting their sights on Ottawa. There are men and women of every race, creed and religion coming together from Red Deer to Fort Mac, from Medicine Hat to Brooks and beyond.. hell there’s even a convoy from the EAST coast planning on meeting up.

While there are many messages being spoken ultimately they all boil down to the same thing, working men and women want to matter to their government. I’m sure that’s a sentiment the folks of Thunder Bay can get behind. How many times does it feel like you only mattered when you were being pandered to for votes?

Not all trucks are going to be able to make the journey due to financial constraints, the Convoy is expected to grow and shrink, ebb and flow, boom and bust. Hopefully though along the route new friendships are forged and the message of how Western Canada is currently suffering will be heard.

They’re putting the hammer down expecting to make Ottawa on or around February 19th, I believe the plan is to overnight in Kenora now due to lack of space elsewhere, I’ll keep you posted when the Convoy is going to be rolling past Thunder Bay if any of you wish to see it.

Will this make a difference to anyone in Ottawa? Men and women in suits who are so detached from the working class and it’s hardships? That remains to be seen but just as Ontario gave the liberals a mandate in the last provincial election the West is bringing theirs to Ottawa.

(Editors note: The Convoy is expected to be in Thunder Bay on Saturday February 16th at 1:00 pm. People are gathering in yellow vests on the Hodder Ave bridge over Highway 11/17 to show their support. The convoy leaves Kenora at 8:00 am, times have not been established for every town, so be sure to watch our Facebook page for updates.)


All photos from Facebook.


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  1. I don’t think the Human race is going to make it. If they think they can put those pipelines in anywhere they want. GO HOME!!

  2. A convoy in support of the worst thing that we can do to the environment. When Pulp and paper took a dive, people re-trained for other jobs, it wasn’t like we didn’t know it was going to happen. Oil has been unstable on the market for years now and we are going to run out of it at some point in time. Electric cars will be the way of the future as the technology progresses more and more and we will become less dependent on petroleum based fuels. Across the board, jobs are being lost, this isn’t news, it is just the way things are in this period in time. Best case, this protest causes Trudeau to do something… maybe he opens his purse for funding. Does creating more of a deficit really make things better for our country if we have a mild spin off of jobs.

    It doesn’t take a well educated person to realize that the demand for a given product directly influences its market value and availability. If your product loses value, you don’t hire more people to produce it, you lay people off and cut your losses.

  3. I believe you have to help Canadians first and why buy oil from countries that don’t respect humanity and we will pay the cost were becoming a third world country and all the left wing environmentalists will be the first ones to cry to the government to help them Build the pipeline

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