Officers Assaulted, Bodily Harm Threats and More


(WAPEKEKA, ON) – Officers with the Wapekeka detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police received a report that a male had threatened another male with bodily harm. Upon responding to the call, the suspect is alleged to have resisted police arresting him and assaulted police twice during the chaos.
A 39-year-old Bruce George Crowe of Wapekeka First Nation appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning via telephone call from the Big Trout Lake OPP detachment. His Worship, Regional Senior Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding along with Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and a duty counsel representative.
Crowe is facing the following criminal charges:

  • Resisting arrest.
  • Assault police x2.
  • Uttering threats to cause bodily harm.

The Crown denied releasing the male today and cited that they intend to show cause as to why Crowe should remain in jail.
Crowe is ordered to remain in jail and is scheduled to appear in a Sioux Lookout bail court tomorrow, Monday, for another chance to get released from jail.


2 Replies to “Officers Assaulted, Bodily Harm Threats and More”

  1. Something about that moustache? Looks like he peeled some hide off of the ass of a reserve dog or something? Looks good on him though……..

  2. Time to reintroduce the use of the billie stick so when these POS turn on the cops they are reciprocated with a couple good whacks on the skull. Once the word gets out that this is what you can expect for assaulting a cop maybe these POS will learn some respect. Right now the system is absolutely disgusting allowing these POS to assault an officer and the officer cant defend themselves because our inept judicial system and all those fu!%&ing bleedign hearts who side with the dirt bags. The only good thing is this crap aint gonna stay this way forver. Someday some politician is going to have to say enough is enough when faced with the potential of total mayhem in the streets as in Hong Kong today and the hammer will fall where it should. But until then my doors are locked not to protect me but to protect those who would be dumb enough to enter uninvited.

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