North Spirit Lake Declares State of Emergency


(NORTH SPIRIT LAKE, ON) – A state of emergency has been declared in a First Nation today. Below are the details provided in a release.
Chief Caroline Keesic and members of Council have declared a State of Emergency as an escalation of drugs fueling the addiction epidemic and a breakdown of the community’s water system has caused widespread crisis in North Spirit Lake First Nation.
“Our community has been devastated by an influx of drugs and breakdowns in vital infrastructure. Our people are suffering, and we are beyond our ability to respond with the necessary supports”, said Chief Caroline Keesic. “We had no choice but to call this State of Emergency as we require an immediate response from the appropriate federal and provincial agencies with resources to support our members suffering from harmful addictions and to help leadership stabilize the community.”
There have been interruptions in essential services such as power and water due to lack of operational personnel. North Spirit Lake leadership, community workers, NAPS police officers and nursing staff are operating at maximum capacity. There is no doubt that the crisis situation will worsen without a coordinated effort by all appropriate governmental departments, agencies and partners to deploy critical resources and relief.
Community leaders are working non-stop to coordinate an emergency response and are doing everything possible to ensure that mental health and counselling supports are available to the community, especially for high-risk members who need urgent medical attention and specialized care.
The remote Oji-Cree community has suffered for years from long-standing issues stemming from severe addiction and mental health issues. These have been exacerbated by a recent influx of drugs in the community, leading to a significant shortage of services and resources critical to the effective management of crisis relief for community members and workers.
North Spirit Lake is located approximately 170 kilometres northeast Red Lake, Ontario on the southwest shore of North Spirit Lake. It is accessible only by air and seasonal winter roads.


2 Replies to “North Spirit Lake Declares State of Emergency”

  1. Truly feel for the good (responsible/sober) people of North Spirit Lake reserve. Drugs and alcohol spread nothing but grief, hardship and despair. All the more reason to crack down hard on drug dealers. Start by cleaning out the towns that the reserve dealers leave from. Like Winnipeg and Dumpster Bay. Clean those toilets and that will slow down how much dope gets to the reserve.
    The water issue is another story. Can’t help but wonder what they do to their water source that requires water treatment? Living way up there on pristine lakes, one would think the water would be drinkable everywhere, unless of course they’re polluting it themselves?

  2. They say there is a breakdown in the community’s water system and them farther down they say they are interruptions in vital services such as power and water because of a lack of operational personnel. So is it the operators are so into drugs they don’t show up or they can’t get personnel to come to reserves to run them. Gotta be a reason.

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