NAN Chiefs Reject Bill, Assert Rights Over Land


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – First Nation leaders from across Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) have declared their resolve to assert their rights and jurisdiction over their traditional lands by rejecting omnibus legislation being fast-tracked by the provincial government, and controlling development in the Far North.

“The message today from our Chiefs to the Government of Ontario is that we are the rights holders and will have final say in anything that happens in their territories,” said Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler.


Fiddler continued “Our leaders have strongly opposed Bill 132 as it seriously undermines the mining industry obligation to consult with First Nation communities. They have also rejected the disrespectful approach of this government of burying issues fundamental to First Nations in omnibus legislation and creating unreasonable timelines to undermine the right of our communities to adequately respond.”

Via resolutions passed today at NAN’s Fall Assembly, Chiefs rejected Bill 132: Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, 2019, which includes proposed changes affecting many statutes including the Mining Act.

NAN Chiefs have declared that the area designated by Ontario as the ‘Far North’ is subject to the James Bay Treaty No. 9 and Ontario portion of Treaty No. 5, and that development in these lands will not be unilaterally imposed.


Additionally, Chiefs have mandated NAN to establish a Jurisdiction Working Group of Chiefs, officials and technical representatives to define the scope of First Nation jurisdiction.

With respect to Bill 132, NAN looks to Ontario extend the time for consultation and accommodation in respect of the Bill and create a respectful process for engagement. NAN will also request that Ontario end the disrespectful legislative practice of burying issues important to First Nations in omnibus legislation completely unrelated to First Nation matters.

Source: NAN


5 Replies to “NAN Chiefs Reject Bill, Assert Rights Over Land”

    1. Any worse than white man’s greed Bill?

      I don”t blame them for protecting their interests at all. They have legitimate claims that are entrenched in treaties and law. For a couple hundred years now, FN people have been getting the sh!tty end of the stick. They’ve finally had enough and now have the savvy to successfully push back. This govt’s actions will not hold up in Supreme court.

      As much as I appreciate the PC’s desire to get the ROF going, this bullying tactic will not get it done. The only way is to have FN people at the table and to favourably share the revenues from developments on their treaty territories.

      The “greedy” people are the white business people who are unwilling to give FN people a reasonable piece of the pie. Sweeten the deal for FN communities and things will happen up there.

  1. Maybe they can come up with an industry that can employ any and all people.
    Something that will benefit the area. Reduce welfare. Reduce crime. Improve living conditions. Reduce poverty. Improve housing and infrastructure. Contribute to industry and development.
    Maybe not.

  2. Oneperson..and make it like a “city like community”. More land to be taken over, hmm I see what you mean. More white is “right” and “community to include the Diversity on FN land, slowly they will lose. Bloodlines and ties…Liberal thinking. Perfect…not.

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