MEDIA BLACKOUT: Hotel Room Destroyed By Councillors


(NORTHERN ONTARIO) – Numerous sources have reached out to us and asked why we have not covered an incident at a hotel which involved some elected officials getting blackout drunk and destroying the room.
Estimates are that about $10,000 of damage was done to at least one room at a region hotel. 3 elected councillors were alleged to have been involved and an executive secretary.
Sources indicate that one of the councillors was arrested by police and later released. The hotel was pressured to keep the incident “hush hush” as damages for the room were charged to a credit card that may be linked to their First Nation corporate account.
Further, sources indicate that membership of the First Nation are pressing for the resignation of all 4 suspects involved in the hotel frenzy.
Unconfirmed information is that when the recent election results came in, the HR manager failed to get signatures on a “code of conduct” or “ethics” contract, resulting in proper documents not being filed.
Police and the hotel in question have been tight lipped. Anyone with documents or information about this incident and can confirm it, please contact us via text at 807-355-8917 or via email at Reach out and help us tell the story. We already know the names and location, but need hard evidence so that we can report on it properly.


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    1. You’re forgetting that inmates/criminals of a native background get only months for crimes such as rape. Anyone else would be serving federal time..

    2. free houses? are kidding me? where do we get the people to build them? just off he street without pay? I’ll have you know we pay for our houses justlike everybody else and we’re not exempt from it ”just because were native” so please don’t assume just ask the council BBBBBBOOOOOOIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! I’m out

    3. Free Homes ?
      You Work Bill?
      If you work today your living on free money that was given to you by natives. Second they don’t get free homes they pay for it and what they do with their own homes is their business. Get out and read about what actually happens so you don’t sound ignorant as you are right now. If only we imprisoned the idiots for being idiots. LIFE IN PRISON FOR YOU THERE BUB

  1. “…HR manager failed to get signatures on a “code of conduct” or “ethics” contract, resulting in proper documents not being filed…”
    So the lawyers will claim these a$$holes aren’t responsible because the paperwork wasn’t completed and away they go, free and clear.

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