Highway 17 Collision: Truck VS Moose


(IGNACE, ON) – Early this morning, officers with the Ontario Provincial Police responded to a call for service after a collision occurred on highway 17, west of Thunder Bay.
The incident reportedly happened roughly 40 kilometers east of ignace just around Dawn.

A red Dodge pick-up truck came around a bend in the highway at the same time as a bull came running out of the ditch.

The driver said there was no way to avoid the collision and that once he had hit the bull, it was just like hitting a wall.

Highway driving in northern Ontario is often much riskier than other areas of the country. Having divided highways and ditches with less of a slope combined with the bush being cut back farther to improve visibility helps contribute to a safer drive. Luckily, the driver of the dodge was not injured.

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4 Replies to “Highway 17 Collision: Truck VS Moose”

  1. Wow. Modern technology like airbags and crumple zones really work. The passenger compartment looks like it’s completely intact.
    It looks like he was travelling east at the time and would have had the sunrise in his face. That’s a tough drive at that time of day in the fall.
    Glad to hear he’s ok.

  2. You’re absolutely right when it comes to divided highways and clearing the bush lines. Our trans Canada highway is a joke.

    1. Agreed. Keeping the right of way cleared of brush helps. It can give you a second or two warning of motion (hills and corners notwithstanding).

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