GUNSHOTS: Armed Home Invasion – 3 Shot


(KENORA, ON) – Residents in Kenora have reported to our newsroom that gunshots have been ringing in the city since this morning.

Our sources, who wish to remain anonymous for their own safety say that they believe three people have been shot in Kenora today.

The earliest gunshots went off around 8:30 am this morning on or near Cambrian.

Another man was shot around Third street and there is a third victim which we have not been able to confirm details about.

A home was the victim of an armed robbery where a gun was used. Sources believe that the home was likely a trap house and was robbed for crystal meth.

Apparently, police have a house surrounded and are raiding it, believed to contain a shooter. Anyone with additional information or photos of the crime scenes, please text them to 807-355-8917 or email Anonymity is always guaranteed.

This is a developing story and we will provide further details as they become available.



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  1. Santa here is my Christmas list. 1/ I want the cops to just quit babysitting this trash and let them neutralize each other. 2/ I want the government to put an immediate end to supplying Narcan to this trash. 3/ I want the jails to remain the same size and let whoever is visiting there provide their own justice. 4/ I want all the funding that is being wasted on that trash to be directed to others who value life intead of those losers who are hell bent on destroying their own lives and terrorizing others with their violence and crime. Thats all I want Santa

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