Facts From The Cannabis Town Hall


So some of the important facts from the marijuana town hall.

  • You can purchase a maximum of 30 grams at a time and hold on your person. 150 grams in the home.
  • The legal limit for driving is 5 nanograms
  • The federal province is allowing up to 4 plants for personal growth. Bylaws around growth was compared to backyard chickens. Governed by the municipality based on their bylaws. (This will be a question in our upcoming mayoral race).
  • Ontario’s legal age will be 19 and sold through a government retail outlet.
  • There will also be licenses for small-time growers to participate in the market
  • New offences have been created specifically for selling to anyone under the age of majority.
  • The Canadian government has released grants for expanded medical marijuana research.
  • There is no intent to use legalization in the promotion of tourism or industry. The government’s position is they do not want to promote use. Only allow a legal path for it.

Here are the videos taken from the Town Hall: