“Crimecation” Suspects Arrested by OPP West of Thunder Bay


(NORTHERN ONTARIO) – In what could be interpreted as a travelling crime spree, a “road trip crime wave”, a number of suspects involved have been arrested.

A victim of the crime tells us that they have been told the suspects were arrested. They were alleged to have been traveling west and committing thefts and fraud along the way.


Information we have gathered first shows their crimes show up on our radar in White River, Ontario. Then again in Lake Helen First Nation, Nipigon, then Thunder Bay. The suspects had police hot on their tail.

Sources indicate that spike belts were used to disable the two getaway vehicles, both being trucks, and that a foot chase may have happened. All suspects involved in the crime wave are believed to be in custody now. The arrests happened near Ignace, Ontario. Both vehicles left the roadway after successful spike belts.

The groups pattern appeared to be car hopping in various towns and obtaining valuable items as well as stolen credit and debit cards. They would then make purchases with the stolen financial cards before fleeing to the next town. At least one store in White River was hit, another in Nipigon, Wal Mart on Dawson in Thunder Bay had items straight-up stolen and more.


An undetermined but large number of cars and homes across the north shore of Lake Superior fell victim to this group of criminals. Anyone who was victimized is encouraged to contact the Ontario Provincial Police at 1-888-310-1122 and report the crime, no matter if you feel something is missing or not. Below is a video TRCC News obtained showing one of the suspects using a stolen credit card in Nipigon.

The suspects are likely going to be held in police custody pending a morning bail court appearance.

This is a developing story and we will update you as more information becomes available.


9 Replies to ““Crimecation” Suspects Arrested by OPP West of Thunder Bay”

    1. Why not just go for the head instead? These worthless scum will not be missed.

      They’re likely welfare scammers with no intentions of ever being valuable, contributing members of society. What possible useful purpose will they ever be?

    1. I’d suspect that it’s very likely that TRCCTB New generated a great deal of awareness about these lowlife creeps.

      This is one of the contributing values of TRCCTB News that state news never provides. They’re too busy delivering state approved, mind numbing, milk toast schlock to dull the senses.

  1. Good going OPP to arrest these slime bags. Now these losers will have rooms with a view of vertical bars complements of the law. Assholes!

  2. A foot chase? Today? Minus 35 and 4 feet of snow. I would have let them run and had a good laugh.
    All seriousness though, good job by the OPP.

  3. They definitely are loser thieves but will receive far less of a slap on the wrist then drug dealing murderers who do a few months and hop right back in making bank doing the same thing all over. Yahoo the best kind of work is your choice of hours with no manual labour, tax free money, all the hookers and drugs you want and no accountability to others or law enforcement.

    1. Thanks to all those police officers who do their best every shift to try and maintain some sense of law and order. They do that knowing full well that the system is NOT on their side. As Rex astutely stated, the cops charge them and the judges discharge them. Having a lousy two tiered racist judicial system certainly does not help. Nor does having a bleeding heart ass smooching cowardly liberal governement. The back stabbing media has bought into the same ass smooching frenzy the government pushes. The real kicker is the government does not really give a rats ass about certain issues. They are too busy enjoying their own perks and building up their own retirement packages to even remotely care about what is happening across this country. Every once in awhile they smile for the reporters just to let others know they are still breathing. I know people who lived through the occupation of Europe during WW11 and they say the way things are unfolding here that history is repeating itself. First certain people were assigned blame for everything, then freedoms were extinquished, then only one group of society was elevated and deemed worthy and had all the benefits, then a new law and order was put into place. Hmm sounds like present day Canada

  4. Good to heat the OPP is doing a great job in stopping this crime wave of buffoon brats now they have a nice jail cell for the winter… Glad the OPP pounced before it became a manhunt like the two brain dead buffoons from BC

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