COVID-19: Musselwhite Mine Partial Shut Down


(MUSSELWHITE MINE) – Due to the ongoing public health crisis spawned out of the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, Musselwhite Mine is sending workers home.

The mine informed workers today that the majority of people are headed home and that a skeleton crew would remain at the mine.


Flights begin tomorrow to get the workers home. The shutdown is expected to be gradual and over the next while until they are reduced to minimal staff.

Some estimates are that over 300 people are expected to make their way home.

The Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread rapidly around the planet and is killing people at rates that are often overwhelming healthcare systems.


Good guy Musselwhite for putting your employees health and safety above all else.


6 Replies to “COVID-19: Musselwhite Mine Partial Shut Down”

  1. It’s actually shocking that they are sending them home.
    Lac Des Iles should follow suite.
    But greed runs the world.
    Employees are just another number to most employers.

  2. If I were a mine worker with accommodations in a very remote location, I think I’d feel safer from Covid-19 infection by staying at the mine. In addition, if workers stayed on location they could keep the mine operating and wouldn’t be subject to layoff and loss of income.

    The down side is not seeing your family and friends. However, social distancing would limit that anyway.

  3. Why are many other mine sites continuing to run with flagrant violations of social distancing ? Where are the protocols for a pandemic outbreak that organizations and big corporations are required to have ? Where is our provincial government and public health oversite of our mines? Let’s protect our communities.

  4. The problem with staying in a remote camp is that if someone is diagnosed as positive it is very difficult to to maintain social distances in such close quarters and even though the chances are very slim it is not worth taking the chance of overwhelming the limited and lesser equipped medical facilities at the site.

  5. My husband works at Impala (former Lac Des Iles) mine and they have amazing measures in place. I feel as though he is safer there then he would be in Thunder Bay. The odd time I have gone out for groceries it doesn’t seem as though people are taking this seriously.

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