Breaching Bail and Breaking Big Screen TV’s


(MISHKEEGOGAMANG FIRST NATION, ON) – Officers with the Mishkeegogamang detachment of the Nishnawbe Aski Police Service responded to a call for service after a 50-inch Samsung Smart TV was smashed by a woman. The woman was also on bail conditions not to contact a certain person, for which it is alleged she did contact.
18-year-old Jaylin Kwandibens was arrested and detained by hardworking NAPS officers regarding the above incident. She was held pending a court appearance this morning which took place video telephone call from the NAPS detachment.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding along with Crown Attorney Gordon Fillmore and a duty counsel representative. Kwandibens is criminally charged with:

  • Breaching bail conditions (not to contact 1 person).
  • Mischief causing damage under $5000 (50-inch smart TV).

Screenshot from Kwandibens’ Facebook

The Crown presses hard that Kwandibens is in a reverse-onus situation, meaning that she will have to show the courts why she should be released. Further, the Crown intends to hold her to that onus.

Duty counsel requests that Kwandibens appear in a Sioux Lookout bail court on Monday, for another chance to be released. She is ordered to remain in jail for the time being.


3 Replies to “Breaching Bail and Breaking Big Screen TV’s”

    1. Can’t help but feel sorry for so many of these young FN youth.
      We have no idea of what kind of hell she and others went through on reserves where abuse of all kinds goes on unabated.
      FN leadership and elders are the people that need to be questioned. These kids are simply the result of their environment. Bad kids aren’t born. They’re raised to be what they are. Live in a violent abusive environment, chances are you will be violent and abusive too.
      Unfortunately, due to lack of political resolve and the powerful influence of the “Reserve Industrial Complex”, nothing will likely ever be done to correct the horrible convulsions of human misery that the northern reserves regularly produce.

  1. Rex you nailed it. Those reserves and the Indian Act need to be abolished. Both are archaic and do more harm to Native people than benefit anyone. And until they are eliminated we can expect more and more FAS kids and other psych disorders associated from the reserve system. Contrary to what others would have you believe, reserves were never meant to be ghettos. They were supposed to be tracts of land for the native people to live their traditional way of living like hunting and maintaining their own way of life. But as time evolved more and more native people adopted the non native way of life. Many Native people use ATV’s while going thru the bush for a hunt, they now watch satelite TV rather than sit around talking, they use nurses and doctors to heal illness and they use teachers and schools for education. So the traditional way of life for them has expired and it is time they admitted that the reserve system is obsolete. The biggest travesty about the reserve system is all those poor natives at the bottom end of the pole getting shafted by their own leaders and living in abject poverty while those at the top get all the gravy.

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