ASSAULTED: Infant Brutally Injured, One Man Arrested


(PIKANGIKUM, ON) – On November 16th, 2019, officers with the Pikangikum detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to a call for service which involved a man assaulting a woman and an infant under 6-months-old.

Allegations are that a man got violent with a woman and struck an infant on the left side of the face. The infant had visible injuries to the left side of it’s face including bruising and swelling. An air ambulance rushed the infant to the hospital in Winnipeg where it was discovered the infant had recent injuries healing all over their body. Allegations then arose that these were caused by the same suspect. There was signs of broken bones healing.


Investigations by police have lead to the arrest of 25-year-old Lexus Quill. He appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning via telephone while in police custody at the Pikangikum OPP detachment.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was presiding along with Crown Attorney Andrea Mason and a duty counsel lawyer.

Quill is facing the following charges:

  • Assault x3

Quill is denied bail this morning and is scheduled to be back in court in Kenora on Monday.

Send photos of Quill to 807-355-8917 or by email at


26 Replies to “ASSAULTED: Infant Brutally Injured, One Man Arrested”

  1. IT should be denied much more than bail….MUCH MORE
    BUT…it will be common knowledge and a substantially sure bet the sufferings of a child were not isolated knowledge- not by a long shot.
    And Canada has that great revolving door system with those special leniency subsections…..sorry, not sorry kid

  2. Ohh I hope he gets bail.
    Of course he will.
    And she will be back with him.
    And next months we will read about a 7 month old baby beaten to death

  3. This piece of scum should be beaten , I hope his inmate neighbours find out what he did and give him a good going over , that poor defenceless baby!

  4. This POS should spend the rest of his lousy life in prison. I hope the judges consider what he has done to that baby when they sentence him and give him the maximum. So fu#king tired of hearing about this stuff by losers like this. Sounds like his fu#k chum should be charged too as the baby had broken bones that were healing if she never reported that before. WTF kind of mother allows sh!t like that to happen to her baby and doesnt protect it? She is a big POS too.

  5. I’m sorry to admit, but to keep pace with the Liberal ideals prevalent in our nation, I’ll have to take the blame for this one! Even though I did not strike a blow against a toddler, or the mother for that matter, I’ll take this one for the team! You see it all comes down to Residential Schools! FUCK THIS! Do you see what is going on in Thunder Bay right now? Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Health Summit at the Delta Hotel. This is a disclaimer from the ‘Chiefs of Ontario” website! “Please Note:
    NAN will cover costs for two community representatives from each NAN First Nation (Community Health Director, Community Health Worker or designate), one Tribal Council Health Director or designate, and one representative from each Health Authority. Travel days are Monday, November 18, 2019 and Friday, November 22, 2019. Air travel will be booked by NAN staff or for the use of a personal vehicle; mileage will be covered and based on the NAN rate. As required by NAN Chiefs Finance Committee, the most economical arrangements will be made to keep the overall costs to a minimum. Accommodations for delegates will be booked by NAN Staff. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE! I don’t think your message id getting back to the people! (notice how I didn’t say “your people”. I didn’t want to come across as racist, just as a pissed off tax payer! By the way Alvin, is that one of nephews?

    1. Keep him caged! Wat a pu**y hitting women & infants! And its his own fu**ing fault, its not like the Chief is there telling him to do this Sh** to them. Keep him caged!

    2. Canada is a corporation. Tad payers don’t fund First Nations, the country’s “business partners” fund the first peoples of Canada .. so shove your tax nay say up your a$$ .. lol but on a serious note. That pos deserves to rot.

    3. You are truly a piece of shit if you think your tax dollars are what fund NAN. Go read about the treaties that established this country – what you’re propagating just makes you sound more ignorant than you already do for taking a child’s brutal beating as an opportunity to spread your racist hate. And it very much is racist- you saying it isn’t doesn’t negate that in the least.
      I don’t even know why I’m redo in ding to you- idiots like yourself don’t ever learn anyway

  6. Death penalty by any means available for this piece of s**t. What kind of people are these ? Women beaters , baby beaters, murderers , drug addicts and alcoholics. Some of these people can’t behave on the reserve or in Thunder Bay .. But that Gladue shit will say it is all our fault and the sentences are ridiculously short.

  7. He will likely be released to the Northland in Kenora soon, if anyone wants to know where he will spend his inevitable time on bail.
    Pikangikum has their own range covering the whole top floor of the Kenora District Jail meaning he will not be in danger in jail as he will be with like pedophiles and scum in the “Pikangikum Range”
    This Pikangikum is you guessed it; “Protective Custody.”

  8. Disgusting and frankly both parents should be charged if this child has older injuries and the mother never spoke up about it.

  9. The degree of depravity and disgusting behaviour on reserves is alarming to say the least.

    This child had been repeatedly, extensively and severely abused by this lowlife degenerate yet no one came to the child’s aid. From the extent of injuries the child suffered, the mother is either mentally compromised or possibly sadistic herself. Either way, she’s in no condition to be caring for a defenceless infant.

    Rest assured that this child abuse was not only known by the two lowlifes that were mistreating her/him. Some in the community must have known what was going on. Why weren’t they stepping up to protect this infant?

    I swear that if I ever witnessed that kind of mistreatment to a baby like that, I’d risk my own life to protect it. And, I’ll say this, those two would get a good taste of what that poor child suffered.

    What is Mr. Fiddler doing to protect the defenceless children being abused on reserves?

    Oh, I know… He busy wining & dining under the auspices of attending “important” conferences in expensive hotels while children are being beaten to within inches of their lives back at the squalid reserves.

    Hey Alvin: How about less time living the high life and investing a bit more time investigating the conditions of the reserves? Maybe spend a few days or weeks at each reserve to see what’s actually going on????

  10. They can only plead ignorance and having your upbringing being traumatizing so many times. Start acting like society and doing for yourselves and ppl will see you people as an equal not a debt to society. You creating your own problems over and over and over and society has to deal with them

  11. I hope they keep this dude in jail, he does not deserve to be out in public. Prayers for the baby for quick healing, also the mother.

  12. Cree Nation and Seriously your unlimited ignorance about the Indian Act of 1867 and the legislation in it is both appalling and a disgrace. If you took the time to actually read it , you would learn that the Government of Canada does indeed have a fiduciary responsiblity towards Natives here. What that means is that the government (people elected to govern this country) is on the hook to pay for the Natives. And pay we do .Over and over and over. Where do you think the government gets is revenue from? I will give you a clue. Not from the Natives. Revenue to infinitely pay the Natives comes from taxes whether it is a corporation or a worker in a factory. Taxes are what keep any country going. As for racism in this country. you Natives demand to be treated differently because of that very Indian Act. Anytime it has been considered to abolish it, it has been adamantly rejected by the Natives. And why would they rid themselves of a cash for life benefit? YOU can shove up your ass YOUR endless accusations and demands. I would eagerly shove up my ass the very generous funding Natives infinitely receive if it meant the Indian Act and the unlimited handouts were eliminated.

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