Snow Plow Ends up in the Ditch East of Thunder Bay


(NIPIGON, ON) – Road conditions were just terrible around Nipigon and Red Rock lately.

Residents in the area are complaining that the roads are just terrible and there have been a number of collisions due to the poor conditions, according to those residents.


A snowplow appeared to have issues remaining on the road as well.

The vehicle was being removed from the ditch by multiple rotators that responded to the situation. A pickup truck also lost traction and slammed into the snowbank along the highway.

Emcon is the contractor that is responsible for maintaining the roads in that area. Sources in the area indicate that there was possibly a shortage of road salt for this stretch of highway, which may have contributed to the poor conditions.


Court in Geraldton was reportedly cancelled for some on Tuesday due to numerous factors, one being road conditions.


2 Replies to “Snow Plow Ends up in the Ditch East of Thunder Bay”

  1. Highway road maintenance was much better before the Gov handed them over to private companies. The MTO did a much better job ensuring the roads were safer to drive on. Most private contractors are out to make a buck and it appears that profit is more important than the safety of the roads. Unfortunately enough people will probably have to be killed on those dangerous slick rinks before it will take a major class action lawsuit against the government and the private contractors to receive proper road maintenance again.

    1. Start a class action law suit against them but Emcon has certain rules for highway plowing and certain roads are classified as a secondary road that gets plowed less but yeah the MTO was much better even with keeping the foliage cut back from the highway. Emcon is a lot better than the other company Transfield.

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