Protest Set To Slow Traffic on Nipigon River Bridge Today


(NIPIGON, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is warning motorists to be aware of potential traffic delays during their travels on Highway 17 in the area of the Nipigon River Bridge.

Protest activities will be occurring between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Highway 17 on the Nipigon River Bridge. The OPP is working with those involved to minimize the impact on the travelling public and to ensure order and public safety.


The OPP’s objective is to maintain the safe flow of traffic and, when delays occur, restore traffic flow in the safest manner possible.

The OPP is also working with those who have organized the protest event to provide a safe and peaceful opportunity to exercise their lawful rights while minimizing the impact on the travelling public, where possible.

Motorists should check in advance for road advisory information and monitor TRCCTB.COM.

The OPP appreciates everyone’s cooperation and patience during these occurrences.



The protest was organized by First Nations and municipalities from around the region over concerns regarding the caribou conservation plans.

Traffic was reduced to one lane in each direction as leaflets were handed out to drivers. Mayors and Chiefs from around the region were in attendance today.

Source: OPP

Photo from the previous protest on the Nipigon River Bridge.


3 Replies to “Protest Set To Slow Traffic on Nipigon River Bridge Today”

  1. Block the road, GET RUN OVER! Protest all you want, but do not unlawfully restrict our freedom to use the road our taxes paid for. If someone blocks the road, the should be arrested for public mischief!

    1. That’s racist!
      Well at least that’s what it will be accused of being…somehow.
      Ohhh the mentality of a “victim” wink wink.

  2. Don’t get it. Why are people concerned bout the speed on the bridge ? Isn’t that the OPP problem ? What does caribou have to do with it ? Is this not causing a safety hazard ?

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