Nipigon River Bridge Blockade Over Wet’suwet’en Pipeline Incident.


(NIPIGON, ON) – A seemingly impromptu blockade on the Nipigon River Bridge has sparked backlash from not only motorists, but from members of the Red Rock Indian Band.

The blockade was organized by a handful of grassroots people who decided to meet up at County Fair Mall at 11:00 pm today before driving out to the Nipigon River Bridge to block traffic in support of the Wet’suwet’en and the struggles they were facing with the pipeline in British Columbia.


The hereditary Chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en have already reached an agreement with the goverment after some discussions. Work is going ahead with the pipeline although some members of the Wet’suwet’en are still opposed to the pipeline.

14 members of the First Nation were arrested when RCMP stormed the bridge they were blocking, ultimately opening up the bridge for access.

Days later, a deal was reached at the bargaining table which the details have not been disclosed, but access to build the pipeline has been granted.


The group protesting on the bridge had not consulted with the Red Rock Indian Band before engaging in the blockade. There are many people concerned about the lack of respect shown to the band, and their traditional lands, as they were not consulted first.

There are elders and vulnerable that have medical appointments that need to get across the bridge, none of which has been agreed to with anyone. This appears to be a rogue group attempting to block the road.

The Nipigon Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police is expected to break up the demonstration soon over safety concerns. This incident is unlikely to be masked as a “traditional gathering” as the First Nation’s that claim this as their traditional lands have not been spoken to as of yet.

Traffic was still flowing in both directions with a small delay for motorists.

UPDATE: Approximately 7 police cruisers are on scene and are monitoring the peaceful protest.

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17 Replies to “Nipigon River Bridge Blockade Over Wet’suwet’en Pipeline Incident.”

  1. get off the highway! Arrest these idiots and charge with whatever you can. Do your job OPP, stop bending over for this idiocy.

    1. You don’t like them on the highway? Maybe they don’t want a f***ing pipeline running through their pristine hunting grounds.

  2. Hey Dude, All the First Nation bands along the pipe line oked the pipeline! And if you know anything about hunting, you would know that pipelines make hunting game easier! Just go up Spruce River road during hunting season and see all the hunters hunting the pipeline! The only ones against the pipeline are the Traditional Chiefs and they are not even elected by their people. We need that pipeline like it or not!

    1. these pipelines in mountain regions are above ground, they disrupt a lot of large game, and your not allowed to hunt near them there, obviously, as one doesn’t want bullets flying near them

    2. The only ones opposed are the chiefs?
      More like anyone who doesn’t get their pockets filled first.
      Just look at what those clowns did up at The Mine out 527.
      Blocked the access until that drunk chief ( and yes he was drunk )
      Got a nice hand out.

    3. Hey Dave . That’s until it springs a leak or the ground above it errodes enough for a bullet to hit it and boom. No more hunting for anyone, why risk the chance. There’s plenty of sustainable ways to do things we don’t need big ass pipelines running through our beautiful country . Why take the chance??

  3. FN’s must get their act together. Elected chiefs okay’ed the pipeline but UNELECTED hereditary chiefs did not. If the people have a problem with the pipeline the FN people should be protesting their own bands, not the rest of Canada!

  4. I don’t believe that the highway is closed so let the protester be. It is a fundamental and necessary if we are to remain a democracy to allow peaceful protests. As long as no one is hurt or being obstructed then protest should be allowed. If you’ve very been to France you would realize that what is going on in Nipigon is a very minor. I support the First Nations right to control what happens on their traditional lands .I could be wrong but I believe that many Indiginous groups have never signed treaty agreements so it is still their sovereign territory.

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