Hearse Nailed for Highway Speeding


(MINNEDOSA, MB) – An officer with the Minnedosa RCMP detachment caught a speeding vehicle on radar.
The vehicle caught speeding is more known to move slowly.
The Hearse was clocked at 141km/h in a 100km/h zone.
RCMP day the driver was working but was not transporting a body at the time.
Speeding is not acceptable. It puts everyone’s  life in risk that’s around you, including your own.
If you see a speeder, report it. Save a life, contact police.


4 Replies to “Hearse Nailed for Highway Speeding”

  1. To all drivers in Thunder Bay Ontario, when you first got your license. What was one thing anyone was taught to do? Does anyone really remember, let me give you a hint STOP behind white line at intersections. Let me tell you all , that are still driving, watch for people crossing in front of you we have the right away. All pedestrians do, we all look both ways when we cross the road. What on earth to u drivers do senior people may not be able to boot it across the road, as fast as younger people do have patients, and PLEASE watch out for people whom have walkers , scooters,wheel chairs, be all eyes before you cross that white line. Thank you……….

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