(VIDEO) Bank ATM Lobby Bloodied and Littered with Drug Paraphernalia.

(KENORA, ON) – It’s becoming a familiar site for many Kenora residents, and that’s bank ATM lobbies being overrun with people getting high/drunk, or the mess they leave.


A video was posted to social media showing the mess left at a Kenora bank ATM lobby, which has trash, needle garbage and blood thrown about.

Residents are fed up with having to deal with the situation and are calling on the banks to switch their lobbies to the system where people can only enter with a bank card. Some people are questioning how effective this change would be.

A number of area residents have said that they don’t goto the bank anymore, due to the seemingly out of control issue with people partying in the lobby. Instead, area residents are opting to get cash back at grocery stores.

The homeless shelter does not allow drug use inside the building, and this appears to be a side effect of users not having anywhere to go. A safe injection site that is open 24/7 seems to be a viable solution to this problem, says one area resident who wishes to remain anonymous.


One thing residents all agree on is that the meth and other drugs problem is spiraling out of control in the Kenora and surrounding areas. Police work hard and bust drug dealers almost non-stop, yet more pop up to take their place.

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