HIGHWAY COLLISION: Transport and Pick-up Truck Collide


(KENORA, ON) – A serious highway collision occurred last night in the Kenora area when a transport and pick-up truck collided.

The driver of the pick-up truck, Stanley Barkman, was pulled over and helping another person that was also involved in a collision when the incident unfolded.


Barkman was not injured in the collision, but it is believed the truck is a write-off after the damage it incurred.

Barkman went viral in 2016 when he walked from Sioux Lookout, Ontario to Fort McMurray, Alberta to help raise funds for the fire that occurred in Fort McMurray which left thousands homeless.

Stanley Barkman’s father, Robert Barkman described what happened during the collision “My son Stanley Barkman had an accident last night in Kenora area. He’s ok…shookin up but he’ll be ok. Thank God he’s ok. That’s his mom’s truck, [he] came for service in Winnipeg now it’s kah-poot… damn it”


Robert continued “Semi truck rear-ended him and along with other vehicles on the highway…. he pulled over to go help with another accident then this happened. Now how am I gonna replace the truck… DAMN… My son is ok…. He was taken to Kenora by OPP police”

Photo credit: Stanley Barkman


8 Replies to “HIGHWAY COLLISION: Transport and Pick-up Truck Collide”

  1. I believe that the highways would be a much safer place if truck drivers across the board all had the same training. In Ontario it is between $8600- $10,000 to take the AZ training program with a minimum 103 hours in class/ behind the wheel before a road test. Starting this year and due to the humboldt crash, Saskatchewan has only upped theirs to a minimum 70 hrs.
    Great to hear that mr Barkman wasn’t injured, this could’ve been much worse.

    1. Or, tell the regular car drivers NOT to park on the highway on a blind corner so the trucks have no chance in hell to stop. I understand he was rendering assistance, but common sense is exactly that, common sense.

    2. Believe me I’m pro trucker, I’m even 100% for doing my daily commute on 102 with heavy truck traffic… I also agree that smaller vehicular traffic should drive with common sense. However, nowhere in the story does it say it was on a blind corner, perhaps you have more insight into the accident. Personally If I needed to assist at an accident scene, I doubt i would think to drive very far past, I would be inclined to park near the accident and put on my hazards to warn vehicles coming from behind that there is a hazardous situation ahead and they should slow down.

  2. Parking on the roadway is not safe. A semi truck does not stop on a dime; weather it’s loaded or not. The semi truck did his best to avoided the 4 wheeler even if it was on its blind spot. Anyone anybody could have hit the parked vehicle.

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