Bear Attack in Kenora – Be Bear Wise


(KENORA, ON) – At 11:11a.m. on Thursday September 26, 2019 Members of the Kenora Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were dispatched to the report of a bear attack on the Rice Lake Road.
The OPP responded to a report of a 69 year old male, with non-life threatening injuries who was on route to the hospital who stated he had been attacked by a Black Bear while walking.
A bear was dispatched in the area that was believed to be the bear responsible for the attack. The Ministry of Natural Resources is continuing with the investigation.
People are reminded to use extreme caution when encountering bears.
If you witness a bear call Bear Wise at 1-866-514-2327 or 911 for emergencies.
Non-emergency encounters include:

  • roams and checks garbage
  • breaks into shed where garbage or food is stored
  • pulls down bird feeder
  • moves through back yard

If an emergency situation arrives call 911 immediately.
Emergency situations include:

  • enters a school yard
  • enters or tries to enter residence
  • wanders into public gathering
  • stalks people and lingers
  • kills livestock/pets

3 Replies to “Bear Attack in Kenora – Be Bear Wise”

  1. SSSU.
    I prefer to deal with them before being attacked. Any bear that shows too much unprovoked boldness or aggression will be “managed” before it has a chance to attack the wife or kids.

    1. Agree 100%.
      I’ve spoken to a friend (CO) who conveyed the same. As long as it’s safe and you’re quiet about it – let er rip.

  2. With all of the assaults of humans by other humans that occur in this region and city every day that go unreported or reported with few details it why do we make such a fuss when a bear attacks someone. My guess is that humans still have an inate fear of beasts of the wild that probably goes back to our cave man days. I personally have a much greater fear of walking around the south side of Thunder Bay and being assaulted or robbed than I do of a bear while walking in the wilderness. For every bear that attacks a human thousands of assaults occur against humans by humans. If this bear had any intention of killing this man it likely could have without difficulty. I would be surprised if a dog that first provoked the bear and returned to its owner in fear was not involved in this attack as it happens in so many cases. .If a C.O. adivises someone to shoot a bear and hide the fact then he/ she is providing false information (officially induced error in law) and probably should be looking for another line of work. Little men with a Macho ego with a gun aren’t needed to protect us poor helpless women and children from wild animals.

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