(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Another incident was recorded on video and is presumed to have taken place over baby bonus weekend.

In the video we can make out what is a woman allegedly striking a child with what appears to be excessive force. We don’t know where she is headed to that she won’t take the kid with her.


As far as we know, the police were not called at the time of this recording, but since it has been placed onto the internet, police and child services have been contacted.

Taking your anger out on a child is not the way to parent. Please, if you find yourself striking your child out of frustration, please get some anger management classes and some parenting classes, to learn how to be assertive without being aggressive.

Below is the shocking video.


This video was submitted by anonymous who snatched it off the internet. It is believed this occured either in or near Kenora.



  1. The kid is fine, i dont see anything wrong with that discipline, not like she whcked him across the face.

  2. Whats wrong with that? She hit him on the butt.As a kid,I got hit hard too and it taught me respect and instilled fear which kids nowadays do not have enough of.Old school spankings arent going to kill anyone.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!
      Im so sick of this crap of let your child do what ever the hell they want because parents feel they cant spank their kids anymore.
      Spankings teach discipline

  3. This is news?????? Woman spanks disobedient kid! Shake your head, everyone with a phone now of days everything posted, just fkn sad. …….. here’s a tip, raise your kids, worry about your kids, make your kids into better people. Stay out of how others raise theirs.

    1. Nicely put Dan .This is far from abuse and definitely does NOT require police intervention.
      WTF !!

  4. All I saw was a kid who probably should have been disciplined at an earlier age, and now he’s a handful.
    If a mild smack on the butt cheeks gets his attention, then all the better. Thats not child abuse.
    Its typically people without kids that are the most offended by this, I bet.

    1. I am childfree and I see no problem with the way the mother handled the situation. The general consensuses in the CF community is that parents don’t take enough responsibility for their children. 🙂

  5. nothing wrong with what i saw, it wasnt even a hard hit, just enough to get his attention, the kid didnt even cry….
    some kids need a smack on the butt once in awhile, hell so do some adults…
    this kid is fine….

  6. Thats what is wrong with many young folks nowadays .Many of their parents did too much bribing,talking,whining and negotiating with them and not enough old fashioned discipline. I see nothing wrong with this either.

  7. A spanking today….a better child tomorrow.
    There is nothing wrong with spanking your kid.
    He got one swat on the ass.
    Its not like she pulled off the belt and tanned his bare ass.
    But of course those parasites at CAS are going to make this into a huge issue and this woman is probably going to have to deal with those cockroaches for awhile.
    Its when you dont teach your children discipline, thats when theres problems.
    Problems with authority at school, at home, and in the future – Law.
    This woman did a solid by showing yes you still can and have the right to discipline your own child.
    Trust me – people will thank her for it some day.

    This of course is my personal opinion on the matter.

    1. What??? More parents need to give their child a slap on the butt every now and then. I do think the person taking the video should “mind her own business” on this one.

  8. What??? More parents need to give their child a slap on the butt every now and then. I do think the person taking the video should “mind her own business” on this one.

  9. It is easy to judge when it is occurring to others. We don’t know what happened. Clearly, the child was told several times to stay in the car. I don’t think a slap on the button is abuse. I was raised that way. If you didn’t listen to the parent, you got a quick smack. I personally thank my parents for instilling a bit of fear of what would happen if ” my parents ever found out”. It kept me from doing a lot of stupid things as a kid.

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