VIDEOS: Iran Hits US Bases in Iraq with Numerous Missle Attacks


(IRAQ) – US Officials along with numerous media agencies world-wide have confirmed that Iran has hit numerous US bases in Iraq in the first wave of missile attacks. Estimates peg the number of missiles launched during the first wave around a dozen or more.

A second wave, happening just moments ago, has struck even more US bases and assets in the middle east.


This attack has happened just days after US President Donald J. Trump ordered the attack which killed Qassem Soleimani.

Iran promised retaliation. US President Donald J. Trump promised that if Iran retaliated, he would order a massive counterstrike on numerous Iranian assets.

Many people across the world believe this is how World War 3 is going to start.


Live coverage available below.


This is a developing story and we will have more information as it develops.


9 Replies to “VIDEOS: Iran Hits US Bases in Iraq with Numerous Missle Attacks”

  1. Pics & videos of the missiles landing and/or damage resulting would be far more informative.

    If there’s no U.S. soldiers blood shed, I suspect that this piss fight will fizzle out.

    The psycho south of the border is doing his best to open a can of worms in the Middle East to deflect from his political problems (impeachment) at home.

    1. You should be thankful Hillary isn’t running the show , She would already be at war not only with Iran but North Korea too .

    2. Ring:

      Personally, I don’t give a shit what the Americans are doing in the Middle East as long as Canada isn’t drawn in.

      The USA has been shitting in people’s nests all around the world for over 100 years. This is pretty much a continuation of the same.

      The military industrial complex needs conflict to keep the factories pumping out war material. If not, a lot of influential U.S. billionaires and politicians with stocks in those industries won’t be making the big bucks. Politics and money ……

  2. Rex. That’s a great idea. Many of us want u to go there and report live. A go fund me would pay for it in a couple hours. Lots to complain about over there. And you get a full time job while your at. Unfortunately ODSp cheque’s will get cut off.

  3. God bless America.
    The USA is not the same cowering whimpering Liberals that Obama created.
    Thank eff for Trump.
    We need to get rid of that useless tit Trudeau and get someone like trump here. Someone who puts CANADIANS needs first.
    Not Pakistan, not Syria… but CANADA.
    Dump the Liberal trash and bring in someone with a back bone.

  4. I agree that useless what-ever-it-is Turdeau needs to go and we need to have someone with brains and balls to start putting ALL Canadians first and not just his pet projects. But we do NOT need a brainless creature like Trump. If I had to pick between only Trump or the leader of of Iran I probably would then pick Iran. At least then I would know exactly what I was getting instead of a babbling phoney baloney and complete jackass.

  5. “Many people across the world believe this is how World War 3 is going to start.” The American evangelists will finally be happy!

    1. Yep. Just a modern day version of the crusades. Christians and Muslims duking it out in the desert once again.

      All in the name of JAAAYYYYSSSSUUUUSSSS and ALAH ALAH AKBAR. Religious hypocrites killing each other. Works for me. The sooner these zealot kill each other off, the better.

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