President Donald Trump has been impeached.


(UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) – Our neighbours to the south, the United States of America had their house of representatives vote in favour of impeaching their President, Donald J. Trump.

Trump campaigned on “Making America Great Again” which lead to him winning a landslide of districts in the United States back in 2016. After his election to his first term in office, he is now campaigning on “Keep America Great”.


President Trump has been impeached on two charges. One of “abuse of power” and the other for obstructing Congress in its investigation. These charges have not been proven and Trump will be brought to trial over the matter where it is expected he will be acquitted by the Republicans who voted unanimously not to impeach the president. Even some Democrats voted against the impeachment and some are talking about the possibility of switching over to the Republican side of the political landscape.

The issue at hand is the allegation that President Trump attempted to enlist the President of Ukraine to investigate his political opponent in the 2020 Presidential Election, Democrat Joe Biden. Trump constantly requested that the public read the transcripts of the call and indicated that no such thing happened.

Today’s vote regarding the impeachment of the president was 230 – 197 on the first count and 229 -198 on the second count. Democrats currently have a majority in the US House of Representatives, which shows a clear and divisive political line drawn through the country.


Republicans are calling this out as the Democrats attempting to sway the 2020 elections and allege that they don’t have a chance to beat President Trump in the 2020 election. Trump was busy at an election rally during the impeachment vote today, he’s still running for President in 2020.

Very few people ever cross-party lines without having to deal with the fallout from the move. Van Drew is considering changing parties due to the impeachment of Trump. He was seen sitting with Republicans during the hearing. Representative Justin Amash, a Michigan conservative left the Republican party and became an independent due to the impeachment said: “I come to this floor, not as a Republican, not as a Democrat, but as an American.”.

Trump is expected to surge in the pre-election polls after this.


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  1. My response to that is this:
    Obama let Hezbollah sell heroin in the US to fund terror operations because he feared upsetting Iran.
    Obama killed women and children in drone strikes.
    Obama used the IRS to attack Conservatives.

    Obama spied on AP journalists.

    Obama let Mexican gangs buy guns in th e US without any way of tracking them.

    Obama ignored calls for increased security in Benghazi which got Americans killed.

    Obama ignored widespread corruption in the VA which resulted in many veterans dying.

    Obama’s ACA made health insurance more expensive and many people lost their doctors and plans.

    -Obama’s secret service was caught in a prostitution scandal in Columbia.

    -Obama’s stimulus wasted hundreds of billions of dollars.
    -Obama’s AG committed perjury on multiple occasions.
    -Obama used fake intelligence from foreign sources to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump
    -Obama’s FBI doctored evidence in an attempt to tie Trump to Russia.

    But somehow Trump trying to investigate Biden for abusing his position to get rich in Ukraine is worthy of impeachment?

  2. Trump for president in 2020 ! Canada would be a great country if we had a leader like him.Instead we elect a sissy,part-time drama teacher that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has never had to do a thing in his life.

    1. Ok reject I’ll go from bottom to top.. Biden didnt do a fucking thing.. trump didnt care until Joe was running for president. Ps dont get other countries to do your dirty work. 2 Obama s FBI director was not aware of the mistakes by low level agent that is now under investigation. Ig report no effect on investigations.. no fake Intel. In fact the Steele dossier created by repubs. IG REPORT no spying.. Do your homework. Obama’s injection of stimulus was based on 2 unfunded Bush wars 85000 job losses per month when he took over . All American car companies in crisis mode a seate majority leader that promised to make Obama a one term president
      Prostitution. Scandal let’s see pornstars being paid off for banging trump while his wife is breast feeding Baron. IRS 2 people got their hands slapped no guilt found.. Benghazi.. 4 investigations nothing found except that when Clinton asked for more money from Congressfor securities the Republican party said no. Veterans began getting better service because of how fucked up Bush made the va. Fast and furious started under Bush
      So keep reading your right wing bullshit inbred . You got nothing but conspiracy theories.. enjoy the day sychophant trump loving inbred. You should try a little harder. Obama care trump tried to kill it and premiums are down and will be going down more once your fuckwad pres8 stops interfering. I have no idea ate .. dont care your stupid

  3. Anyone who researches outside the mainstream narrative will learn that this is all to hide the fact that the previous administration committed all the crimes that President Trump is being accused of. James Comey, the former head of the FBI has already come forward with this information but CBC and others refuse to report the details of the situation. President Trump will be acquitted in the senate and win the next election with an even larger margin then the last election.

    1. The real reason for the Impeachment DISTRACTION is the 2000 page, $1.4 TRILLION dollar spending bill that is being pushed through Congress before the Christmas break.
      To name a couple of the spending initiatives:
      – speedy US citizenship for Liberian nationals
      – $4 billion to the Taliban ( Afghan security forces)
      -$25 million towards “Gun Violence Research”
      Watch this 5 minute video from Tucker
      He breaks it down:

  4. Trump is what Canada needs! Putting Canadians first not this multi-cultural diversity is strength propaganda the globalists lying liberals are pushing. CBC news is very fake news as are the other canadian networks a global cabal working together to destroy western freedoms.

    1. I agree that this country has gone from being one of the best places in the world to live to now nothing more than a shit hole with a few very powerful players pulling the strings imposing their ideology on the rest of the country. And at the expense of the working Canadians. The rights and freedoms our grand fathers and fathers went to war to preserve are now buried in the past. Anyone who does not follow the herd is punished and ostracized in this country and the media is doing a very good job of covering up the truths as well. The media only reports what it deems as politically correct and what it wants everyone here to believe. And if you think it is bad now, just wait for a few more years. The hell people experienced during WW11 is going to look like a day at the beach here. .

    2. Fools. The devil has charmed you with glass beads and baubles. You will soon be goose stepping and building gas chambers. Trump is a puppet on strings controlled by Vlad the Poison Prince.

  5. The comments I just read approving and wanting trump disgust me a true Canadian WE must have some of the same people tRUMP love the poorly educated … think about that and no facts comments … P.S. : my opinion guy cannot even spell smoking correct more then once

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